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When a family joins one of our centres, together we support each other to create a warm and inspiring learning environment. Families trust us to build strong relationships through a learning-rich environment that nurtures the growth of their child in a supportive and creative atmosphere.

Guardian is passionate about exceptional education and childcare. This is matched only by our drive to exceed the expectations of the families, and the children that rely on us to care for them and their development. These principles are underpinned by the quality of the people we welcome into our family.

Working with Guardian is a rewarding and energising experience. We inspire and challenge our educators. Each educator is treated with the same care and respect shown to the wonderful children enrolled in our centres. With clear learning and development opportunities, Guardian offers you a career, not just a job.

Grow with us, as they grow with you

Founded in 2004, Guardian Early Learning Group is Australia’s premier provider in early education and childcare. With over 90 centres and plenty of future growth to take that number higher every year, choosing Guardian is choosing a future that’s valuable, gratifying, challenging, and fulfilling.

Guardian’s own curriculum focuses on contemporary early years thinking and practice. The curriculum is brought to life through our environments that extend children’s natural interests, curiosities and wonder. This is why our centres are beautifully designed with creative and inspiring materials and resources. By doing so, we provide meaningful learning experiences that truly benefits each child’s development, and rewards our educators.

The Hundred Languages Exhibition

We have established a family of educators and provide them with continuous learning opportunities to up-skill and progress their careers. This is why Guardian has invested heavily in developing the Guardian Diploma in Early Childhood Services that supports our contemporary early years thinking. There are opportunities for continuous growth by moving into areas such as Operations, Quality & Compliance, Curriculum and Office Support.

Guardian proudly enjoys a diverse and inclusive culture. Together with our family of educators, we are developing ways to ensure we all love coming to work every day. Our “just do it” fund is just one example where Guardian provides each centre with the ability to invest in, and individualise, their own environment, resources and culture. This is over and above the investment and support already provided to each and every centre.

People are the heart and soul of everything we do here at Guardian. We fully encourage outstanding educators to review the current opportunities available within our centres and apply to join our family. Together, we can continue to provide the very best in education and childcare for children and their families all around Australia.

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