Moving On Up: Supporting Children To Be Bold, Curious, Creative 

Friendly faces. Familiar routines. Trusted relationships.  

From babies to toddlers, toddlers to kindergarten, and kindergarten to school, the early years of a child’s life are when they grow and develop rapidly. Their learning experiences and the people they meet are vital in supporting a natural transition through childhood. 

The Moving On Up program supports those transitions. It is a program embedded into all our learning activities, to support children as they grow and encounter new learning environments and people. Moving On Up is about understanding when a child is ready to move to a new room and try new learning experiences when child and family are ready. 

Moving On Up is a partnership with families. Together, educators and families plan for learning based on a child’s individual progress, so that moving to a new room maximises their feeling of safety and security, as they enjoy new experiences, make new friends, and explore their world.


Moving On Up puts children first

Every child is different. Moving On Up recognises a child’s voice in their learning and development. Every child has a right to feel safe and secure in their learning, and to be included in decisions about what and how they learn.  

The Moving On Up process acknowledges that each child learns in diverse ways and they each have their own pace. Not all children in the same room move at the same time. They move when it is best for the child and their family.  

Moving On Up enables children to gradually familiarise themselves with their new learning environment, the new Guardian Team Members who support their learning, and the children they are with to ensure they are comfortable, safe, and secure. Because when children feel safe and secure, they are more engaged and effective in their learning. 




Moving On Up supports families

Moving On Up is a partnership with families, where we recognise your role as the child’s first and primary educator.  

At every step of your child’s journey through their early years, Moving On Up is designed to be flexible and responsive to you and your child’s needs, to respect your preferences, and work with your family to make your child’s learning an exciting and enjoyable journey.  

Families are regularly updated on their child’s progress, providing them with the information they need to make decisions about the right time for their child to move to a new room and learning environment.  

Our Educators are invested in forming trusted relationships with families and children, to ensure that the learning environment is one where children can grow and thrive as they explore their world.


How it works

Moving On Up focusses on the foundations of growth and developmentWe look at the complete picture of a child and consider their individual growth and development. Our expert Teams have developed several ways to communicate with families about their child’s progress and how their move to a new room can be supported. This also enables our Team Members in the new room to plan for your child’s move, making them feel safe and secure from day one. 


Summative Assessment of Learning   

We can show you throughout the year how your child has progressed in their learning and development and decide, together with you, how we can support them further. Our Team Members use this assessment to plan individual Moving On Up programs for each child.  


Moving On Up Action Plans 

We consider the child’s current care and learning environment and room routine and compare this to the environment and routine they will be moving into. We make any necessary adjustments to support your child.   


Moving On Up Visits and Cards

Before they move to a new room and learning environment, each child will have at least three visits to get to know the people and place. After each visit, a Visit Card shows families the exciting new experiences and the new people they met.  


Moving On Up Through the Eyes of the Child  

Children have a right to have a voice in their learning. For children aged 3 and above, they are invited to share information about themselves and the new people they have met in the new room. It is a way for children to tell us in their own way about how we can support their learning and development. 


Moving On Up is for everyone 

Life is about transitions, so Moving On Up is embedded into all our learning and care programs and involve transitions as a child grows and develops. 


Being with Babies  

Our Being with Babies program is a family-focused approach to caring for babies, from as early as six weeks of age. Our skilled Nursery Team, which includes a specialist Educator we call a Baby Ambassador, will connect with your baby and family with expertise, empathy, and experience. Moving On Up considers their journey as they develop their personality, disposition, communication cues, and their current developmental stage and emotions. 



Toddler time, ages 2 and 3, is when children really start to grow into themselves and explore their world with boldness and curiosity. Moving On Up is embedded into care programs so this rapid period of learning and growth is one where children feel safe, secure, and grow in confidence.  


Kindergarten and Preschool  

A child’s transition to school happens over time. We look at the complete picture of a child – how they are developing social and emotional skills, confidence with language and literacy, and numbers, thinking ability and expressing ideas, and their physical development. Moving On Up provides continuity of learning and helps families and Educators understand the right time for their child to move up to the next level.  


Click here to learn more about our Kindergarten & Preschool programs.

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