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As a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, you have worked hard to convert your passion into professional skills, and also recognise that what worked yesterday may no longer be useful in educating children for today, let alone tomorrow.

Guardian believes in empowering and supporting Teachers to actively contribute to the education programs we offer based on the best in contemporary early childhood thinking and practice. With Guardian, you have the opportunity to grow and excel in your career as part of a professional learning community where we all celebrate and highlight great work, and you are supported to succeed.

When you join Guardian, you are joining an organisation that has developed a Curriculum based on world-leading research, that adapts to the needs of tomorrow and truly puts children at the centre of their learning. You will have the freedom within the Curriculum to make decisions and develop a learning program that suits the families and their children in your community.

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Guardian for you

  • Autonomy and choice in your ongoing professional learning with access to free, online learning through Early Childhood Australia.
  • Mentoring and support programs, including Teachers@Guardian meetings that bring our national network together to learn from and with one another.
  • Join Leadership Councils where you can develop leadership skills, collaborate with other leaders, think innovatively, drive change, and participate in decision-making.
  • Discounted fees at our Centres for your child.
  • Reward and recognition initiatives to acknowledge the value of your contribution to our purpose.
  • Free and confidential Employee Assistance Program to support your health and wellbeing.

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Introducing GStar

Recognising and celebrating great work

We all know that when we feel valued, we also feel motivated to do our best in supporting and nurturing children. When we feel valued, it creates a positive and supportive work environment.

GStar is simple and easy-to-use platform to shine a spotlight on team members. We can recognise their achievements, mindsets and important milestones like birthdays and workplace anniversaries. It’s all about celebrating the big and little wins each day in your team and Centre.

GStar also has a points system – being recognised for great work helps you accrue points that can be redeemed for rewards, from brand-name merchandise and gift cards, to travel experiences, charitable donations and more.

GStar is helping us make Guardian Centres places people love to be.

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