Childcare and Early Learning Centres in Melbourne South Western Suburbs

Looking for quality childcare in Melbourne’s south-western suburbs? We’ve got you covered! Find your perfect fit at one of our amazing centres in the area.

We create the space to help your child feel safe and secure to explore their world. We put your child at the centre of their growth, becoming curious and creative learners as they develop their sense of self.

Centres near you

Altona North

Altona North encourages children to learn and explore daily, with resource-rich spaces including mud pits, a wobbly bridge, and a boat.

Point Cook North

Point Cook North has bright and inviting indoor spaces, perfect for play-based learning. The expansive outdoor space is an adventurer’s dream, sparking imaginative play for hours!

Point Cook South

Point Cook South has a homely feel, with a welcoming, friendly environment and well-resourced indoor learning spaces. The Centre has three custom-designed yards, and also has a dedicated parents’ café!

Point Cook West

Point Cook West boasts indoor learning spaces with a wealth of age-appropriate resources, alongside expansive outdoor environments with multiple exciting areas to explore.

Point Cook East

Point Cook East boasts community garden and pets, light-filled spaces, and three large outdoor areas for each age group where children explore and learn. The Centre also offers art, gardening, music and French programs as well as speech therapy.

Manifold Heights

Manifold Heights is one of our newest Centres, featuring landscaped yards and five light-filled indoor learning and play spaces, as well as two outdoor play areas


Torquay is beautifully located by the beach, embracing the local community’s coastal surroundings. Children in the Centre have the opportunity to explore the community and ignite their curiosity for nature and the environment.



Leopold is a purpose-built centre offering a safe and stimulating learning environment, with a range of well-equipped learning and play spaces that cater to each age group.

The choice is yours! Each Centre offer engaging, resource-rich environments for children aged six weeks to six years – to explore and become curious and imaginative learners.

And the best part? We’re enrolling now!

Browse the Centres below and book a tour today to see for yourself.