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As an Educational Leader, Guardian is where you can be inspired to make a difference. Because Educational Leader is not just a job title. It’s a purpose.

It’s where you will have an opportunity to influence and innovate our approach to early childhood education. We create an environment where leadership development is open to all, and where the educator’s voice is a critical part of decision-making.

Together, your aspirational mindset and our desire to continually evolve and innovate education for young children provide an unmatched opportunity to develop ways of teaching and learning that help children thrive in a changing world.

Your role as part of our Centre Leadership team, and collaborating across the organisation with other education professionals, children, and families, enables you to challenge, inspire, mentor, and lead to improve our educational programs and practice.

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Guardian for you

  • Working in high-quality, well-resourced environments where you lead programming and have a collaborate on resourcing decisions.
  • Build and influence the professional capacity and skills within the network as part of the Centre Leadership Team.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the Curriculum in the centre.
  • Mentoring and support programs, including EdLeaders@Guardian meetings that bring our national network together to learn from and with one another.
  • Join Leadership Councils where you can develop leadership skills, collaborate with other leaders, think innovatively, drive change, and participate in decision-making.

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Introducing GStar

Recognising and celebrating great work

We all know that when we feel valued, we also feel motivated to do our best in supporting and nurturing children. When we feel valued, it creates a positive and supportive work environment.

GStar is simple and easy-to-use platform to shine a spotlight on team members. We can recognise their achievements, mindsets and important milestones like birthdays and workplace anniversaries. It’s all about celebrating the big and little wins each day in your team and Centre.

GStar also has a points system – being recognised for great work helps you accrue points that can be redeemed for rewards, from brand-name merchandise and gift cards, to travel experiences, charitable donations and more.

GStar is helping us make Guardian Centres places people love to be.

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