Fee Help for Preschool in ACT

What is it?

The ACT Government offers funding to provide families with 300 hours of Free Preschool a year. The funding offsets the fees for three-year-old children that are part of the Centre’s long day care Preschool program and this is in addition to the Child Care Subsidy.

Families may save up to $1,329 a year for eligible children aged three-years-old in eligible long day care in 2024. This is in addition to the Child Care Subsidy.

Who can get it?

Children must turn 3 years of age on or before 30 April 2024 to be eligible. Families must be eligible for and be accessing the Child Care Subsidy, and be residents of the ACT.

How does it work?

The subsidy is a dollar amount and is applied across 46 weeks of the year. The subsidy will reduce your gap fee by up to $28.90 each week for eligible children. Families must complete a declaration and consent form to nominate one service from which they would like to receive the fee relief.

The fee relief will be passed on to families as a reduction in their gap fees. The reduction in their gap fee will be reflected in the statement that they receive from the Centre.

More information: Free 3 year old preschool


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