The Child Care Subsidy (CCS): What You Need to Know

The Commonwealth Government Child Care Subsidy (CSS) makes accessing high-quality childcare easy and more affordable for families.  

Knowing how to get the most out of the subsidy means maximizing the amount of time your child can spend in care, which supports vital learning and development.  

But understanding the system and accessing your entitlements shouldn’t feel like you need a degree in accounting.  

We’re here to help. 

What is the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

The childcare subsidy is a financial assistance to cover the cost of child care.  

How much you receive depends on a number of factors, including your family’s income, the age of your child, and the paid and unpaid activities, like your job or volunteer work, your family is involved in.  

Extra support is available for some families, such as grandparents and great grandparents, and families experiencing temporary financial hardship. 

The CSS is paid directly to providers to reduce the fees you pay.


Who can get the child care subsidy?

To get the CCS you must: 

  • care for a child 13 or younger who’s not attending secondary school, unless an exemption applies 
  • use an approved child care service 
  • be responsible for paying the child care fees 
  • meet residency and immunisation requirements 

Wondering if you’re eligible? Please contact our Customer Concierge Team for help on 1300 001 119 


How much can I claim?

Your CCS is calculated using three components: 

  • Your combined family income 
  • Your level of activity, such as work, education, or volunteering 
  • Your childcare provider’s hourly rate 

It can be a little complicated … So, we made it easy for you to understand how much you might be eligible for with our simple Child Care Subsidy Calculator. 

Child Care Subsidy Calculator


How Do I Claim The CCS?

You apply for the CCS online using your Services Australia or MyGov account.  

You can use the Services Australia eligibility tool to guide you through the process and more information can be found on the Services Australia website

The best way to learn more about the CCS is come into the Centre and speak to a member of our team. We’d love to help you and we can show you how we can support your child to grow and thrive.


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