Meet Your Centre Team


Our Educators are truly the foundation of our Centre. They are dedicated, experienced professionals who understand the importance of early childhood education and weave pure delight into everything they do.
They work together to create fun, stimulating and age-appropriate experiences for each and every child they care for. Our Educators provide a nurturing environment where children feel secure and can explore
and learn at their own pace.



What makes our Teachers so special? Well, aside from the fact that they have completed an extensive and accredited teacher education degree, our Teachers are committed to ongoing professional development
and regularly share their latest teaching practices with their colleagues. This ensures that our educational program is always current and tailored to meet the needs of both our children and families. 


Lead Educators

Our Lead Educators each lead a team of Educators in a room or learning space and maintain a focus on individual development and mentoring in the education, care, and supervision of each child. They are responsible for planning and implement an effective ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluation in accordance with the National Quality Framework and Guardian Curriculum. They work collaboratively with our Educators and families to ensure that each child receives the best possible experience in our care.  

Educational Leaders

The Educational Leader’s job is to bring the curriculum to life, collaborating with our Educators to maximize each child’s development, learning and joy. As part of the leadership team, it’s the Educational Leader’s job to support the Educators in our Centre to ensure all children are engaging with the Guardian Curriculum. No one gets left behind, thanks to our incredible Educational Leaders. 



Baby Ambassador

The Baby Ambassador is a role that is entirely unique to Guardian. Your Baby Ambassador is your go-to person for you and your baby’s first 12 months with us. They will know every detail about your baby: how breast or bottle milk is managed, how they like to eat, their sleeping routines, the nappies they wear and more. With babies as young as six-weeks in the centre, it’s the Baby Ambassador’s job to work with family and Educators to help make our Nursery feel just like home.  

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