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Tips for Reading to Wriggly Children

Reading to children from birth is a great introduction to the written word, tactile page-turning and early literacy concepts, as well as learning verbal structures and encouraging development in verbal language and communication. If reading becomes part of a child’s day from an early age, they come to view books as a source of information, inspiration and creativity. Read more

Charlotte Street Creates Their Own Kindy Village

As a childcare centre in Brisbane’s CBD, children are exposed to a bustling urban experience daily. It is from this that Guardian Early Learning – Charlotte Street’s Kindy Village project grew.

The centre’s Curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia approach, which means there is a focus on community learning, with multi-age experiences and flexible spaces within an open plan setting. The centre’s Educational Leader Pip Ivers says the Kindy Village began as a thread of learning stemming from the Kindergarten children’s love of small worlds. Through this, she wanted to support children as they explored concepts of identity and community. Read more

The Upside of Tech for Children

To prepare your child for a world of technology, Guardian has a range of resources designed to arm them with the skills they’ll need to become 21st-century citizens. And this includes technology. Because technology is so integrated into our lives, by using open-ended, intelligent learning experiences, we assist children in developing a healthy relationship with technology. Read more

The Magic of Playing with Light and Shadow

The children at Guardian Early Learning – Queen Street, a childcare centre in Brisbane, have been exploring the fascinating concept of light and shadow in recent months. With its own light and shadow atelier – known as the Rainforest Room – children explore the wondrous world of illumination as they manipulate the light and dark of shadows and silhouettes. Read more

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