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5 Useful Books for Raising Toddlers

There’s a lot of value in reading through the different methods for wrangling raising toddlers. These perspectives can validate our own struggles, help us feel less isolated, and make it seem like we’re proactively seeking answers on days when all our toddlers do is melt down over sandwiches cut the wrong way. Read more

The Benefits of Choosing an Early Learning Centre Close to Work

Do you choose an early learning centre that’s close to home or close to work? It’s a debate that has plagued parents since the beginning of childcare history. While there are arguments for both sides, there’s nothing more exciting for a child than jumping on a bus and heading in to work with mum or dad. And, it turns out, there are several benefits for parents when it comes to choosing a city-based centre. Read more

Centre Manager in the Spotlight: Ashleigh Bellingham from Forde

Ashleigh Bellingham is the Centre Manager at our fantastic Forde centre in the ACT. Having been in the early years education sector for a decade, Ashleigh is a deeply passionate and highly experienced professional. We take two minutes with Ashleigh to find out about her career journey, some of her highlights at Forde and even discover her passion for animal care and rescue. She’s a true wonder woman! Read more

Something’s Hatching at Haberfield

In June, the children at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Haberfield had a very special visit from the Living Eggs NSW Program. Living Eggs gives schools and care homes a chance to experience the exciting hatching process and first few days of a chick’s life. A big white box complete with an incubator and 11 eggs took up residence in the centre’s preschool room for ten days while we waited for them to hatch. Read more

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