Child Care and Early Learning Centres in Canberra

As a parent, giving your child the best possible start in life is important; and selecting the right child care centre is a vital part of this journey. With a range of child care centres available around Canberra, our centre teams work together to create an engaging and dynamic experience for every child to learn and love.


About us

All our centres have built a reputation of providing a high level of quality and care within the childcare industry, both in Canberra and around Australia. With half of our centres rated exceeding in the National Quality Standards, at Guardian; we’re proud to provide the best possible level of care for both you and your children.

By placing children at the centre of their learning, we’re supporting in developing an understanding the world in a way that’s unique to them. Through a unique play-based approach to learning, our day care centres focus on combining education with play, supporting your children with engaging experiences that they need to prepare themselves for school and life.


A range of activities

With six childcare centres in Canberra, our early learning centres have been designed to create a rich learning environment for children, ensuring that everyday is always an adventure. Including libraries, vegetable gardens, outdoor play areas, and so much more.

Taking on a personalised approach to learning, each child is supported in exploring their curiosity and passions. By doing so, each child is enabled to explore and discover the world in a safe and meaningful way.


Built to suit you

With six child care centres available around Canberra, you can find a day care centre where it’s most convenient for you, whether it be it close to your work or close to home. Providing a range of essentials, such as nappies, bedding, meals and sunscreen; we’ve made care much easier for you!


Our team

Our centre teams are highly passionate and dedicated, who have a genuine love for what they do. We have a commitment to investing in their ongoing training and development so that they can continue to provide the best level of care possible!


Helping your children to grow

At Guardian, we aim to support you and your child by giving them the best possible start to life. Through an innovative and engaging approach to learning, each day is designed in a way that they can aspire to be. To Be Great, to Be Smart, to be Creative. That’s what a day at Guardian is all about.

Fun and excitement 

So if you’re looking for child care in Canberra and are interested in joining the Guardian family, then be sure to book a tour of one of our centres, or make an enquiry and one of our friendly team members will be sure to get in touch!

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