Child Care and Early Learning Centres in Brisbane

With 18 childcare centres in and around QLD, we place our children and families first. By placing a large focus on our centre community, we’ve created a learning environment for children to thrive in, in a safe and supportive way.

If you’re looking for an early learning centre in Brisbane, you can find one of our Guardian child care centres situated within the Brisbane CBD, North Brisbane, South Brisbane, East Brisbane and West Brisbane. Whether it be close to home, or close to work, you’ll be able to find a centre that’s most convenient for you.

Best Child Care Centres In Brisbane

Implementing a play-based approach to learning, our child care centres offer children the opportunity to learn from real world experiences. Through our team of dedicated Teachers and Educators who each take on a personalised approach to learning, we ensure that each child receives the best possible care tailored to their own needs.

By engaging children in learning experiences that are uniquely relevant to them, children are enabled to develop a deeper understanding about the world an engaging and meaningful way. Whether it be learning literacy and numeracy, or even cooking and reading, it’s what a day at Guardian is all about.

Our child care centres also support families with a leading Preschool program, a program that’s been designed specifically to help prepare children transition from early learning, all the way to Primary school.

So if you’re looking for a childcare centre or Preschool program in Brisbane, QLD, take a look at one of your Guardian childcare centres near you.

Providing Excellence In QLD Child Care Centres

Each one of our Guardian Child care centres in QLD is dedicated to providing a high quality of care to every child and family that walks through our doors. Whether it be for casual care, or full time care, all of our child care centres are designed to be a true home away from home; filled with a range of wonderful indoor and outdoor environments.

These include outdoor play areas, vegetable gardens, art studios, dedicated piazzas, water play areas and so much more. By combining high quality care with a daily dose of fun and exciting activities in the warmer QLD weather, every day is guaranteed to be an adventure.

Devoted Child Care In QLD

We understand that leaving your child at care for the first time can be quite a new experience, that is why we are dedicated in supporting both you and your child in every step of the way. From the moment you walk through our doors, out dedicated carers will work together with you to develop a deeper understanding of your child’s needs, whilst also sharing any of significant milestones and educational developments with you.

By combining a strong educational program with the benefits of play and activity, your child will develop all of the necessary social and emotional skills that they will use in all walks of life.

When you join a Guardian centre, we pledge an ongoing commitment in giving your child the best experience at each of our day care centres. Click down below and find the closest Guardian child care centre near you, and book a tour to experience the adventure today!

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6 Childcare and Early Learning Centres

Inner-West Brisbane

3 Childcare and Early Learning Centres

Fig Tree Pocket, QLD

Fig Tree Pocket

Aspley, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Aspley

Augustine Heights, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Augustine Heights

Brassall, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Brassall

Brisbane, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Charlotte Street

Clayfield, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Clayfield

Indoor area at Coopers Plains

Coopers Plains, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Coopers Plains

Coorparoo, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Coorparoo

Everton Hills, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Everton Hills

Bowen Hills, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education King Street

Bowen Hills, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education King Street

Newstead, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Newstead

Brisbane, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Queen Street

Richlands, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Richlands

Springfield Central, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Springfield

Springfield Lakes, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Springfield Lakes

Springfield Central , QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Springfield Southern Cross Circuit


Sunnybank, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Sunnybank

Underwood, QLD

Guardian Childcare & Education Underwood