Guardian Childcare & Education Sydenham

Guardian Childcare & Education Sydenham provides an incredible learning environment and leading curriculum that promotes holistic development for children across all areas, through our focus on intentional and spontaneous learning.

Our Centre boasts a range of modern facilities and world-class learning environments, including:

  • Spacious well thought-out indoor spaces
  • Expansive yards with natural play structures for the children to explore
  • A dedicated dining space for the children to come together to share a meal
  • An ‘Invention Room’ for all age groups to explore, problem solve and create
  • Gardening spaces to promote awareness of caring for our environment
  • A well-stocked Centre Library
  • A leading Kindergarten Program
  • Vacation Care Program for children aged 5-12
  • Modern resources, and a range of age-specific studios and workshops.

At Guardian Sydenham we have a strong focus on community with our ‘out and about’ program. The program promotes all age groups having the opportunity to explore the environment outside of the centre and gain a greater understanding of the world around them. We network with many local businesses such as the local library, bakery, schools and aged care.

We are proud to have such a culturally diverse team at Guardian Childcare & Education Sydenham and we celebrate a variety of cultural events and holidays throughout the year.

Read more on our blog about Guardian Sydenham Centre Manager Parwinder, and her passion for early education and care.

Parwinder says: “My favourite part about working with children is watching them grow and utilise the skills they learn in our care. It may not seem obvious, but a lot of the skills we teach the children, particularly through intentional learning, are lifelong skills, and are the tools that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. It’s important to remember that we are always learning from the children, and that it’s not a one-way street.”

Our on-site Centre chief Tania is dedicated to providing five nutritious meals throughout the day, and through conversations with our families we ensure the menu is culturally diverse and accommodating to all children. To further explore food at the Centre, our cook hosts regular cooking experiences for the children to enhance their understanding of good nutrition.

Begin the adventure at Guardian Sydenham today by booking a tour or speaking to one of our team.

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Rhythm of The Day

With endless possibilities, there’s never a dull moment at Guardian and no two days are the same. Here’s what a day at Guardian might look like. Please note, this will vary depending on centre opening hours.

Helpful Information

Opening Hours

Open 6:30am to 6:30pm
Monday to Friday

Good to Know - What to Bring

What we Provide

  • Sunscreen
  • Five nutritionally balanced meals including: Breakfast, Lunch, Morning and Afternoon tea and a late Snack at the end of the day
  • Nappies
  • Bibs
  • Bedding

What to Bring

  • Hats
  • Formula and bottles
  • Soft toy or comfort blanket for nap time
  • Spare change of clothing
  • Water bottle

Our Educators

Our team of Educators are committed and passionate about ensuring your child will be safe, nurtured and cared for every day. At Guardian, children are encouraged to engage in interest-led play that creates learning and meaningful experiences.

Our Educators seek to optimise diverse learning opportunities and implement the Curriculum as framed by the Early Years Learning Framework.

You and Your Child

All Guardian Centres provide a Centre-to-Family communication platform so families can maintain contact with their children’s experiences through photos, stories and learning outcomes.

Our Centres use Storypark and each family is provided with a secure login to access on their computers, mobiles or apps.

More about Guardian Sydenham

At Guardian Childcare & Education Sydenham your child will enjoy their day in a purpose built conveniently located centre. We want you to feel familiar with our centre and that’s why we offer personal tours and have an orientation program before you commence care. Guardian Childcare & Education Sydenham also offers your child a special program with guest speakers who visit the centre. Your child will love learning in our stimulating environment and will get lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. 

Our early learning centre at Sydenham acknowledges, celebrates and incorporates the diverse cultures of the people within our community and we recognise, appreciate and value the knowledge and commitment of our educators and support their continuing professional development. We offer our children extra-curricular activities at the Centre such as Jump for Joy and Sports for Kinders.Your child will love their day at Guardian Childcare & Education Sydenham with our friendly and passionate team of educators. We have high educator to child ratios allowing educators and families to work together to ensure a happy and productive time whilst children are in our care. 

Our educators take the time to provide families with up-to-date information on their child´s day and development progress. Our educators are selected for their qualifications and expertise in the early childhood field and we pride ourselves on the quality of our care and the warm and secure learning environment we provide. 

Your child’s learning and development will benefit greatly from the interaction with educators and other children at the centre. We make sure that our curriculum and school readiness program fits within the Commonwealth Government’s Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards. 

We cater our services at the centre to make life easier for our busy families. We provide nutritionally balanced meals prepared by our own chef in our centre kitchen. We also provide necessities such as nappies, sunscreen and bedding for nap times. 

The first five years of your child’s life are incredibly important when it comes to social and emotional development, and setting them up with a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. That’s why at Guardian we’re focused on teaching children how to learn versus just ticking a box.   

Our world-class curriculum is delivered by qualified teachers through exciting and engaging play-based experiences, including a leading Preschool Program for our older children. We combine this with the highest quality care, and communicate it all back to you so you can see how your child is growing and developing every day.     

Our Centres inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery with a variety of sensory-rich and sustainable spaces designed for early learning that encourage your child to think, question and do amazing things. All of the classrooms and outdoor areas are filled with the best natural, open-ended materials to inspire your child to be brave, curios and imaginative in their learning. 

Guardian Childcare Sydenham is an early learning centre that services a number of local areas, including: Leichhardt, Caterbury, Randwick, Waverley, Woollahra and Rockdale. 

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