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Flower Hotcakes and Lollypops: Queens View’s Curiously Named Chickens

The community at Queens View – Market Street Early Learning Centre have recently welcomed a couple of rather curiously named additions to the centre. Flower Hotcakes and Lollypops are the resident chickens who have become quite at home in their inner-city abode and are already a popular fixture at the centre. Read more

Understanding and Including Children with Autism

According to Autism Spectrum Australia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in 100 Aussies, which is almost 230,000 people. What’s more, Autism affects almost four times as many boys than girls.

But the statistics don’t tell the full story about the ways and degree to which ASD children might be affected. Behaviours within the ASD diagnostic ‘net’ exist on a range. It’s an Autism spectrum and children can move on and off it as they grow and develop. Read more

Inspirations from Reggio Emilia at Early Learners

At Guardian, our early learning philosophy is deeply inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach which views children as capable and resilient, with the capacity for complex thinking. The Reggio Emilia approach places importance on these distinct characteristics:

  • Family participation
  • Role of the educators
  • Environment as the third teacher
  • A presence of the atelier
  • In-school kitchen

Read more

Risky Business | Appropriate Risks During Play

Taking risks is an important part of life. It’s also important in the development of children. By taking risks during play, children are pushing their own limits and learning many valuable lessons along the way.

Georgie-Rae Lorenzi, Educational Leader, Early Childhood Teacher and Acting Centre Manager at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Gungahlin explains that appropriate risk during play allows “children to explore and experiment with their environments, in which they are learning and developing their physical capabilities with the support or assistance from an educator, if needed.” Read more

Comprehending Intentional Learning

‘Intentional learning’ is used to illustrate education programmes where the learning focus is equally weighted to the roles of both child and educator. While learning is child-led in terms of the child being given the freedom to gravitate towards experiences and topics that spark their interest, it is the role of the adult (whether they are the educator or family member) to actively engage with the child, providing intentional and purposeful interactions. Read more

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