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If you work in the city, it can be a tough decision to make about where to send your child to childcare. “Do I choose a Centre near home, or near work?”  

Our CBD Childcare Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra are renowned for offering great flexibility in days of care. Our booking options and long care hours mean you can organise your childcare needs around your shifting work schedule. You can have consistent days booked to coincide with your office days and choose to add on additional casual day bookings if and when you need them.

And while the flexibility and long hours of care are there to meet your changing work conditions, there are also a number of other benefits to city-based childcare – read on!


You’ll get More Time with Your Child 

Have you ever seen the excited face of a three-year-old before a ride on a bus, train or tram? How would you feel if your daily commute stopped being a drag and started being quality shared time with you and your child? A time where their innocent face lights up with excitement about an adventure to the city. And you get to share a cuddle on the way to work.  

That can be your reality if you choose to enrol your child in a CBD-based Childcare Centre. Ride the bus with your child every morning and evening, talk about your day and decompress before you get home for the nightly rush of dinner, bath and books. 


Convenience is King with CBD Childcare

Easy pick up and drop off, pram parking, dedicated carparking areas, as well as breastfeeding facilities for working mothers. (No more pumping breastmilk in the work bathroom!). We open early and stay late to help you manage the daily juggle of working and parenting. And you’re always welcome to drop in and visit your child during the day. Being close to work also means you can get to your child quickly if they fall ill or you need to squeeze in a daytime appointment with the dentist. 


Experience a Big, Wonderful World  

Give your child the opportunity to explore and discover their city, visit key landmarks and learn about the world around them. Children settle best and develop their confidence and independence when they feel a sense of belonging in their community. Our CBD excursions are a great way to show them the world outside. 

The children at our Barangaroo Centre recently went out and about exploring this exciting new part of the city. 


Room to Move 

Do you want your child to feel loved, happy and have space to explore and be themselves? Being in the CBD doesn’t mean our Centres are low on space. Proudly, we create a real home away from home for our children and families – a sanctuary, removed from noise and the busyness of city life. Our children have so much room to move and explore, and take advantage of all the opportunities for fun and friendship. 

Add to all of this the usual benefits like Preschool and Kindergarten Programs, amazing meals and snacks prepared by on-site chefs, and a dedicated team who will care for your child while you take care of business, and CBD childcare might be worth considering. 

Speak to a Centre Manager at your local Guardian CBD Centre (we have dozens around the country) and find out how our flexible booking options can work with your schedule and care needs. 

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