Preschool programs may be provided in long day care centres and other settings and are primarily for children in the year before they begin full time schooling. Guardian Early Education Group provides excellent programs for children in their care.

A good preschool program has been proven to include improved cognitive functioning, social skills and, in turn, improved school readiness in the short term. Long term effects are even more profound with “positive effects on school completion, further education participation, employment outcomes, earnings and general social well-being.” (Preschool education in Australia report, 9th May 2008)

Our bespoke Curriculum

Our early learning centres have a bespoke Curriculum and an approach to early childhood learning. Our Curriculum is the cornerstone of our educational approach and embraces meaningful play-based learning in accordance with the Government Early Years Learning Framework.

What are preschool starting ages?

These vary across states and territories so please refer to your local state website for latest information, however use this below as a guide to starting ages.


To enrol in ACT public schools and placed in a preschool class a child much be four years old on or before 30th April.

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Children are eligible to enrol in NSW public preschools if they turn four on or before 31 July of that year. Applications for next year are taken from Term 2 of the current school year.

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If your child turns four on or before 30th June, they are eligible to enrol in a regular program at the beginning of the school year. If your child is turning four after 30th June they are eligible to enrol in a program after their birthday (depending on availability).

We currently do not have any centres in NT.


A full-time preparatory year of schooling has replaced part-time preschooling and is non-compulsory. Children must be five years of age by 30th June in the year the enrol.

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Provided for children in the year before they start school, most children begin preschool at four years old and attend for 12 months.

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Children must turn four by 30th April in that year.

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A child must be four years old by 1st January in that year.

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When a child turns four by 30th June they may start preschool in that year.

We currently do not have any centres in Western Australia.

A handy checklist

Interested in sending your child to preschool? Use our handy checklist when you’re on a tour at an early learning centre to see if it’s right for you.

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Preschools in Australia

Guardian operate a number of high quality centres across Australia. To find a preschool that’s convenient for you, please click on the links below.