Child Care

A major part of a child’s cognitive, physical and social development occurs in the first few years of their lives. With this knowledge, it’s imperative that we provide children with environments that foster this growth.

Guardian Early Learning Centres provide opportunities for learning and development in safe, secure and supportive child care centres around Australia. With a specialised national curriculum and a team of talented educators at each of our centres, every child is able to focus on their own individual interests in resource-rich, curiosity-sparking spaces.

What Do Guardian’s Child Care Centres in Australia Provide?

Beyond curriculum and endless opportunities for play-based learning, our early learning centres provide high quality child care for children aged from six weeks to six years old which include:

Our Curriculum

The Guardian Curriculum is the cornerstone of our educational approach which has been developed in accordance with the government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Inspired by Reggio Emilia and Boulder Journey Schools, our child care ethos embraces play-based learning and child-led development.

Custom-designed Environments

Our child care centres have a range of indoor and outdoor spaces for children to interact, socialise and explore. Many of our centres are equipped with sandpits, vegetable gardens, worm farms and art rooms. Interior spaces are thoughtfully designed with an abundance of natural light and resources ideal for curious minds.

A Team of Dedicated Educators

The child care educators at Guardian centres undergo a rigorous selection process ensuring only the best educators are working with your children. Our team are highly trained and dedicated people who truly care for your child.

Safe and Secure Spaces

Security is important and every one of our child care centres provide a secure space for your child to explore. We also have a high educator to child ratio ensuring your child gets the attention and focus they require.

Nature-inspired Materials and Resources

Our natural materials and resources allow children to use their imaginations and problem solve. Most of the time there are no instructions or set way to use the materials—this gives children the chance to explore on their own and develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Nutritionally Balanced Menus

Most Guardian Early Learning centres prepare their own meals on site each day, providing nutritionally balanced food for children. Using fresh and seasonal ingredients meal time at these child care centres provide a time to try new things, socialise with other children and energise themselves.

Looking for a Child Care Centre, Day Care or Kindergarten Near You?

With over 92 child care centres in Australia, you’re bound to find an early learning centre perfect for your family. So whether you’re looking for a child care centre that’s close to home, work or the grandparents’ house, there’s probably a Guardian Early Learning Centre near you.

Explore the range of child care centres in your area: