Children at Guardian West Pennant Hills Bake Cookies for Local Fire Brigade

children writing letters for local fire brigade

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To further support their community and give back, the team and children at Guardian West Pennant Hills recently baked cookies and wrote thank you letters for the Kellyville Rural Fire Brigade.

Here, Educational Leader, ‎Denee‎, shares details of the experience and why they connected with the brigade.

The children had been learning about their community helpers and about the bushfires happening across the country when they had the idea to give back.

After discussing the different ways we could support our local fire brigade, they decided that baking cookies and writing thank you letters was the way to go.

children making cookies for local fire brigade

We wrote letters and baked for the Kellyville Rural Fire Brigade specifically, as one of the children’s fathers is a firefighter at this station. We wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for all of their hard work and dedication to keep us safe over the past few months.

The children made a Centre favourite, blueberry and white chocolate chip cookies, which were delicious and gave them the opportunity to put their literacy and numeracy skills to practice.

two children stirring cookie mix, baking for local fire brigade

Together, they followed instructions in the written recipe and took turns to measure and add the ingredients. The children also used their social skills to communicate with each other and discuss the reasoning behind why they were baking for the firefighters.

While the cookies were cooling, the children participated in another intentional teaching experience, creating thank you drawings and letters. 

The children got to choose what they wanted to draw and write, with some children drawing the firefighters, fire trucks, koalas, fires and trees.  

child writing letter for local fire brigade

During this experience the children learnt several ways to show others how they are thankful, and that they appreciate everything our firefighters do for the community. 

After we dropped off the treats and letters, the Kellyville Rural Fire Brigade shared a post on Facebook thanking us for the cookies. It is very touching and has made the children and our team feel proud to be a part of this wonderful community.”

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