Guardian Forrest Host Indigneous Storyteller at Centre

Larry Brady, Indigenous Storyteller

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Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forrest is always looking for fresh ways to explore Indigenous studies and embed them into the centre. So, when the opportunity to host Indigenous Storyteller, Larry Brady, came up, the centre couldn’t refuse.

Assistant Manager, Rebekkah, shared more about Larry’s visits and what the children are learning about Indigenous culture from his teachings.

“Larry is an Indigenous storyteller based in Canberra, and his visits have quickly become a highlight for both the Educators and children at Forrest,” says Rebekkah.

Larry has been performing since 1996 and has travelled across Australia and overseas sharing his passion and knowledge of his Wiradjuri culture.

During his visits, Larry connects with the children and teaches them about a range of topics, including how the Wiradjuri hunted – and found – food in traditional times. He also often brings real artefacts and animal masks along to encourage the children to get involved in the experiences. 

Indigenous Storyteller, Larry Brady, visits Forrest Community

“Over the past several months, Larry has visited our centre on a number of occasions. He usually visits the three- to five-year-olds and teaches them about a variety of traditional materials and methods,” explains Rebekkah.

“He’s also chatted to the children about the Wiradjuri people’s weapons and how the make and use those weapons, as well as bringing in Ochre and explaining the meaning of each colour.”

The children also have the opportunity to work alongside Larry by creating artwork with him, asking questions about his home and listening to his amazing stories of the Wiradjuri Country and their people.

“We really appreciate how much value Larry provides in each of his visits. He’s taught us all so much and is an excellent storyteller,” says Rebekkah.

“As an extension of his teachings, we’ve now embedded an Acknowledge to Country into the centre that is age appropriate to children.”

Rebekkah shared that Larry recently took a break to go on holiday with his family and he’s already deeply missed. 

“Larry’s become a really important part of our community and we can’t wait to have him back in the centre when he returns.”

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