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Over the past few months, many families haven’t been able to access our centres, and with all the extra time spent at home, some children have had plenty of energy and not enough ways to spend it.

Perhaps these moments in lockdown have created little athletes, zooming around the house and backyard, perhaps they’ve even inspired some brand-new hobbies and ingenious moments of creativity.

With restrictions finally lifting and freedoms finally coming back around, our team of Teachers and Educators have been so excited to welcome families and children back through our centre doors, and back to the Guardian family.

For some children, coming back to care may feel like a bit of a readjustment, after all, there’s no place quite like home.

To make the transition back to the centre as pleasant of an experience as possible, our centres have been planning some great ways to welcome children back.


Summer Learning 2021

Our centres have been putting together an exciting program this year for the children, filled with a range of fun and exciting activities to help get your child engaged over the summer.

The Summer Learning Program is a great chance for children to continue their learning that they’ve had throughout the year, all throughout the holiday period.

With a focus on having fun, hanging with friends and familiar faces, it’s a welcome environment for children and families that are looking for a good time.

You can click here to discover three reasons why learning over the summer is great for both you and your child.


Summer Celebration 2022

As the year comes to an end, our centres will be coming together to celebrate and acknowledge all of the achievements and milestones that we’ve had throughout the year; and this year, we’ll be celebrating on the 21st January 2022.

These celebrations will be unique and tailored to each child’s own interests, with each child having a chance to get involved in the planning process.

It’s a great opportunity for us all to look back on the memories made, as well as a chance to reflect and cherish the positive moments throughout the year.

We know that readjusting back into the rhythm of learning may take some time, that’s why we believe it’s important for children to have a day where the focus is entirely on fun.


Community Time

It’s healthy for children to feel a strong sense of connection, both socially and emotionally to each other, and to those around them.

Our centres have always done a great job at creating special moments for children, to learn and discover things about themselves and the world, day after day.

Understandably, coming back to the centre, some children may feel a bit more shy or nervous, almost like their return to care is like their first day all over again.

Our teams have made it a focus to take some time together every day, to join in on community-based activities. Whether it be sitting outside during reading time to enjoy the warmth of the sun, dining together in our community piazzas, or even whipping up a storm together in some of our adventurous cooking activities.

For many children, the time outside of the centre has limited their ability to socialise and truly connect with their peers, and we’re proud to say that every day, we’re making it a warm welcome back by taking the time to be together and really reconnect.


Working Alongside Families

As carers, the greatest joy we feel is the trust that you as parents, place in us. There’s pride in that, and we’ve always made it a mission to work alongside you to ensure that we are able to give you the best possible care that you need.

From special requirements to diet, care, or even later hours – we’re here for you.

Of course, your child’s education and care are our number one priority, and our teachers and Educators do an excellent job in communicating to families any updates that happen during the day – whether that be sharing these moments during pick up and drop off, or even through our family communication app StoryPark.

Coming back to the centre is an exciting thing for all of us, and by working together, our focus is on ensuring that both you and your child are comfortable and supported, every step of the way.

If there are any changes to your care requirements that you need to discuss, please reach out to your local Centre Manager and they will be able to assist you.

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