How Guardian Centres are Celebrating Sustainably This Christmas

toddler decorating Christmas tree

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At Guardian, sustainability is a core focus of our curriculum all year round, and our Centres work hard to bring sustainable practices into their Christmas projects and celebrations.

Here, we’ve shared how a number of our Centres are celebrating and making sustainably this Christmas.

Guardian Lilyfield’s Recycled Wreath 

Lilyfield celebrating sustainably with recycled wreath

“The children and Educators made their Christmas decorations out of recycled materials this year. Using a collection of old cardboard, magazines and paper towel rolls they created a colourful Christmas wreath and personalised stockings.” – Vanessa, Lead Educator

Guardian Point Cook’s DIY Christmas Tree

Point Cook celebrating sustainably with DIY Christmas tree

“This year, we decided to make our own Christmas tree as a project. Using boxes from our supply deliveries, we built the tree and worked together to paint it. Once it had dried, the children  decorated the lower section using patty pans, feathers and pictures of themselves.” – Stephanie, Lead Educator

Guardian Blyth Street’s Natural Tree

Blyth Street's natural Christmas tree

“To make Christmas meaningful and reflective of our children’s learning and development, we have been creating a Christmas tree that will signify the end of a wonderful year and our tight knit community. We ventured out to collect the natural resources we needed to construct our tree, and children have begun to make their own ornaments out of clay. As we decorate, we have reflected upon our experiences through dialogue and viewing images of prior learning.” – Caitlyn, Lead Educator

Guardian South Yarra’s Christmas Creations

children celebrating sustainably at River Garden

“As we approach Christmas, the children are inspired by the magic of gift giving, Christmas trees, reindeers, elves and celebrating sustainably. The children have been extremely creative, creating Christmas paintings, collages and drawings with intricate detail. By providing them with the resources and time to design and plan, we have seen some incredible creations such as clay reindeers and winter wonderland castles made out of recycled materials.” – Marcela, Early Childhood Teacher

Guardian Elizabeth Street’s Recycled Decorations

Guardian Elizabeth Street make Christmas decorations out of recycled materials

“As Elizabeth street is super sustainable, we chose to make our own Christmas tree using recycled items. We searched the centre for different materials to use and are very happy with the result. The project got everyone into the Christmas spirit.” – Karen, Educator

Guardian Coorparoo’s Gift Giving

Coorparoo's gift giving campaign

“At Guardian Coorparoo we have a Christmas giving tradition. The children and families donate a gift that is then handed over to the Salvation Army for children in need. Today we loaded up the bus with all the donated gifts. It was very exciting for the children.” – Karlie, Centre Manager

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