Why Kindergarten Is Important For Your Child

Kindergarten is a very exciting time for both parents and children alike. 

It represents an important developmental milestone as your child transitions from being a very young child into being a school-aged one. Plus, it’s the first big step in their formal education. 

In fact, the knowledge and skills your child learns in kindergarten will serve them well into university or TAFE. So it’s important to find the right kindergarten program to prepare them for academic, emotional, and social success in the future.

To make it easier, we’ve put together this Parent’s Guide to kindergarten—helping you understand exactly what your child will experience in a kindergarten classroom at Guardian and what you should look for in a kindergarten program so that your child’s unique educational needs are met. 

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The play-based framework

Kindergarten is an early education program in Australia that’s taught by a qualified early education teacher. It takes place just before children start full-time primary school.

To ensure that all kids have access to a high-quality kindergarten program, the Australian government provides funding to all states and territories throughout Australia. And they offer several subsidies and programs to help you cover the additional expenses that come with a kindergarten program.

The Australian government has also created the Early Years Learning Framework for children aged 0-5, so that all kindergarten programs across the country can provide a consistent, high-quality early education for all.

The framework is designed specifically to help educators plan, implement, and evaluate curriculum within their kindergarten programs with the end goal of having all young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

The framework also sets 5 learning outcomes:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity  
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world  
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing  
  • Children are confident and involved learners  
  • Children are effective communicators

You can find kindergarten programs at independent schools, primary schools, or childcare centres throughout Australia. So best practice is to tour schools in your area, ask questions, and find the right fit for your family.

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Why you should send your child to kindergarten

Research shows that a high-quality early childhood education provides many long-term benefits for children. Some of these long-term benefits include:

  • Academic preparedness for higher grades
  • Social and emotional preparedness
  • Building communication, language, and numeracy skills
  • Encouraging enthusiasm for lifelong learning

And children who attend kindergarten are:

  • More likely to graduate from secondary school
  • More likely to earn a higher wage
  • Less likely to repeat a grade
  • Less likely to be identified as having special needs

Kindergarten programs also encourage kids to think, create, and explore in a safe, play-based environment which helps them build confidence and become more independent.

Kindergarten is accessible to all kids in Australia. So another great benefit of enrolling your child in kindergarten is that they’ll learn to play, share, cooperate, negotiate, and take turns with children who have different knowledge, abilities, and backgrounds from their own.

Lastly, many parents appreciate the ability to return to work or focus on other household duties while their children are in kindergarten learning, growing, and playing.

Learn more about the many benefits of sending your child to kindergarten at Guardian and how we prepare them for our rapidly-changing world.


What your child will learn in kindergarten

Kindergarten programs are designed to build upon the knowledge and skills you’ve already instilled in your child at home.

And while curriculums vary from program to program, your child will learn many new academic, emotional, and social skills while attending a kindergarten program that will serve them well into the future. 

Some of the many activities your child will encounter in kindergarten include:

  • Sorting
  • Counting
  • Measuring
  • Identifying shapes
  • Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Identifying colours
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Colouring
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Pretending
  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Running

And at Guardian, it’s all about play-based learning. Play-based learning helps your child develop fine motor skills, communication skills, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, it helps children tune into their natural creativity and encourages them to explore the world around them.

What makes the kindergarten programs at Guardian so unique?

At Guardian, we put children at the centre of their growth. We focus on each child’s individual journey, ensuring they can become capable learners with a curiosity and thirst for discovering new ideas to help them develop the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We nurture children’s natural desire to learn through our world-class, play-based curriculum that is based on contemporary early childhood thinking and research. We also focus on respect, responsibility, and community which we bring to life through exploration, discovery, and play. 

Learn more about the innovative, play-based curriculum at Guardian and how your child can learn through play.



How to choose the right kindergarten program

Choosing the right kindergarten for your child does not have to be an overwhelming or stressful process. The key is to get started early, as many kindergartens in Australia fill up and you don’t want to settle for just any program.

Be sure to make an appointment and tour a kindergarten program in your area, ask plenty of questions, share detailed information about your child, and get a general feel for both the program and the teachers. 

Upon arrival, pay attention to how you are made to feel welcome. Take a look around and determine if the space is designed well for stimulation, creativity, and exploration. Note how the teachers and staff engage with both you and your child. And find out how each program is rated on the National Quality Standard.

And don’t forget that choosing a kindergarten program for your child should be a fun and enjoyable experience for your entire family. 

Learn more about how 94% of Guardian centres meet or exceed the National Quality Standard.



The kindergarten programs at Guardian

At Guardian, we place great value on the partnerships we build with each of the families we serve. And we’re more than happy to invite you into your local centre to experience just what our kindergarten programs have to offer.

When you schedule a visit, you’ll see:

  • Our highly-qualified and passionate educators supporting children in their learning
  • Our innovative, play-based curriculum in action
  • Kindergarten students being creative, brave, and curious

You’ll notice:

  • Our sensory-rich indoor and outdoor spaces 
  • Children joyfully exploring the world around them

You’ll love:

  • Our commitment to wellness 
  • The healthy snacks and meals we prepare on-site with fresh ingredients and seasonal produce

And you’ll appreciate:

  • The connections we build through excursions into the local community 

With two, age-based kindergarten options to choose from, your child is sure to benefit from our holistic approach to child development. And both of these programs were carefully designed with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard for early childhood education in mind.


I AM 3

Our kindergarten program for three-year-olds

The teachers and staff at Guardian are all highly-trained experts in the early childhood education field. They have a deep understanding of developmental ages and stages, and they’re passionate educators who value their students.

So when you choose to enrol your child in our I AM 3 Kindergarten program, you can be sure that they will receive a lot of support in their learning while also being encouraged to explore and grow through play.

Our curriculum was purposefully developed from the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Framework, and the Australian School Curriculum with a focus on:

  • Social and emotional skills
  • Curiosity, investigation, and problem-solving skills
  • Language, numeracy, and listening skills
  • Confidence and independence 
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Creative and expressive concepts and skills

However, our educators skilfully adapt this curriculum so that each child is at the centre of their own learning journey—creating new knowledge and building new skills at their own pace.

To keep you informed, we’ve developed a unique Visible Learning Program which informs you about your child’s learning experiences for that day at your normal pickup time.

Plus, choosing to enrol your child in kindergarten at Guardian means that your entire family can benefit from the longer care hours we offer—providing a more flexible and convenient option for working parents and parents with younger children at home. 

By the time your child completes our I AM 3 program, they will know exactly what it means to belong to a group, be a good friend, be creative through the mediums of play, art, dance, music, and song, and be active through movement.

We are so confident in the success of our I AM 3 program that we encourage you to come see it for yourself. We’re happy to schedule an appointment with you so that you can meet our team and tour our resource-rich environment.

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I AM 4

Our kindergarten program for four-year-olds

At Guardian, we know just how important it is to allow children to guide their own learning based on their natural interests and curiosities. So, our educators are trained to support the learning process and help students make those meaningful connections.

Our educators are well-versed in each of the developmental stages your child is currently undergoing, and they’re highly skilled in adapting our play-based curriculum to meet your child’s unique learning needs. 

The play-based activities we provide in our I AM 4 program help your child:

  • Build knowledge
  • Develop confidence
  • Embrace curiosity
  • Refine practical life skills
  • Explore
  • Experiment
  • Discover
  • Solve problems

Based on the recommendations set forth in the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Framework, and the Australian School Curriculum, our I AM 4 play-based learning curriculum prepares your child for both their formal education and their life to come.

When you enrol your child in our I AM 4 program, you can expect:

  • Your child to experience the joy of feeling connected, belonging to a community, and learning how to collaborate and contribute to the group
  • Partnership as we work with your child, your family, local schools, and the community to help support you and your child with their transition into primary school
  • Access to our Visible Learning Program that shows you exactly what your child learned each day at your normal pick up time

In addition to these great perks, your child will also benefit from the gardening, cooking, and sandpit experiences we offer as well as the community excursions we provide.

Plus, your child will learn what it means to:

  • Belong to a group
  • Develop responsibility, independence, confidence, and self-awareness
  • Contribute, help, share, and look after things

And they will discover how to be a good friend, be creative, and be a mover. 

Lastly, they will become a skilled:

  • Counter
  • Reader 
  • Writer
  • Problem-solver

And, since our I AM 4 program is located within our childcare centres, you can also enjoy the added benefit of our extended care hours—making it much easier for you and your family to accommodate your very busy schedules. 

But seeing our program in action is an experience you certainly don’t want to miss. So, we encourage you to schedule an appointment, bring your family in, tour our centre, meet our team, and see for yourself what it means to be a student in the I AM 4 program at your local Guardian centre.

When you do, you’ll see that our I AM 4 kindergarten program is uniquely designed to provide your child with skills that are critical in our modern 21st-century world through our world-class, play-based curriculum that is just plain fun. 

To learn more about our I AM 4 program and set up your tour, call us today at 1300 765 560.