4yr old Kindergarten and Preschool Program

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Kindergarten and preschool that prepares children for school and life.

Kindergarten and preschool programs for four-year-old children focus on equipping children with social and emotional development and the foundational literacy and numeracy skills for school and life. It continues our highly successful kindergarten and preschool program for three-year-old children. Together, these programs are the foundation for a smooth transition to school by supporting children to develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as feeling socially and emotionally ready.

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Ready for school. Ready for life. 

You’ll forever remember their first day at school. And you want your child to be ready for the move from kindergarten or preschool to school and beyond. Our 4yr old Kindergarten and Preschool program creates an environment of comfort and stability that enables children to explore and understand their world. The program 
is based on the principles of belonging, being, and becoming. These are the social and emotional foundations that prepare a child for a successful transition to school. 

  • Connection and belonging to others and their learning. They’ll discover the value of collaborating and contributing. 
  • Becoming skilful with language and numbers. This supports communication and problem-solving ability. 
  • Being a friend and experiencing social connections. 
  • Being creative through play, art, dance, music, story, and song. 
  • Being independent through movement as they develop hand-eye coordination and strength.

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A child’s transition to school happens over time. We look at the complete picture of a child throughout their kindergarten or preschool experience – how they develop social and emotional skills, confidence with language and literacy, numbers, thinking ability and expressing ideas, and their physical development.

A planned approach

We consider the child’s current care, learning environment, and room routine and compare this to the environment and routine they will be moving into. We make any necessary adjustments to support your child.

Visible learning

Visible learning is how we show your child’s progress. The Learning Exchange display in each Centre shows what your child is doing on any given day. The Storypark app puts you in the room with photos, videos, and updates about your child’s day.

Summative Assessment

We can show you how your child has progressed in their learning and development and decide, together with you, how we can support them further.

Transition to School Statements

A summary of your child and their learning. We know your child so well, and we want your child’s new teacher at school to know them too!

Relationships with local schools

We work with local schools, so your child gets to know the faces and places, and their teachers can start getting to know the children.

Exploring their world

We extend learning experiences from the Centre to include opportunities for children to meet new people and places in a safe and secure environment. We invite families into the Centres to actively participate in your child’s learning and growth.

Supporting families

Families can arrange a time that suits you to meet with our Educators and Teachers to ask questions about our kindergarten and preschool program and learn how it prepares your child for school and beyond.

Interacting with local schools

We organise excursions for our four- and five-year-old children to local schools. This familiarises them with the school grounds, supporting them to feel comfortable and get excited about their first day of school.

Summer Learning Program

Summer is all about fun and friendships. Our Summer Learning Program is a range of experiences that support ongoing learning with an emphasis on being outside. Children can stay connected to their friends while families are supported during the busy holiday period. Held during December & January each year

A Flying Start to School

The Flying Start to School Program extends the Summer Learning Program to support children in the critical weeks before they start school. Children will build confidence and have fun experiences such as lunch box days, school uniform dress-ups, and getting ready for day one.

Kindergarten and Preschool Nights

An annual information evening for families explains how our kindergarten and preschool programs work for three-year-olds and four-year-olds and how it helps prepare children for school. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the Teachers.

What does being ‘ready’ for school mean? Read more about learning at ages three to five and beyond.

Together, we are preparing your child for life. Talk to your Guardian Team about kindergarten and preschool for your child.


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