3yr old Kindergarten and Preschool Program

Learning. Discovery. Fun. 

You want your child to start their early years with bravery, curiosity, and an eagerness to explore the world. At age three, children thrive when we focus on a child’s social and emotional development in a fun and engaging way.

Be bold

Developing skills for life.

The Guardian kindergarten and preschool programs are designed to put your child on the path to becoming lifelong learners. It is a specialist program led by university-qualified Early Childhood Teachers that supports children in:

  • Belonging through connection and identity.
  • Being themselves and part of a community.
  • Becoming creative and curious learners.

Be creative

Learning to think, imagine, and wonder.

We teach by adapting to support children in building their knowledge, developing confidence, and embracing curiosity. We focus on the real world. When we take real objects and use them in a way that children understand in their world, we can create playful and meaningful learning experiences.

Learning about words

  • We write letters and draw symbols to communicate meaning.
  • We read every day. Having favourite books and stories develops a joy of reading throughout life.
  • We explore a range of texts to understand words and how they are used.
  • We read and write to communicate with each other, our family and our community.

Learning about numbers

  • Numbers can mean objects or groups.
  • Measurement supports us in understanding numbers can mean amounts.
  • Geometry is about our relationship to objects around us.
  • Time enables us to see the world change and develop.

Read more about what learning looks like at ages three to five.

Be curious

Learning through play encourages children to explore and understand their world at their own pace. It helps build their knowledge, develop confidence, and embrace curiosity. We create awesome experiences that use play, coupled with more structured learning, to support the development of their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

The Joy of Reading

Reading aloud to children each day inspires imagination and supports thinking. Books with rhythm, rhyme and word patterns make stories more playful and memorable.

Outdoor Experiences

Engaging with the outdoors supports children in developing the physical skills of balance, coordination, motor skills, awareness, and the social-emotional development of collaborating and building confidence.


Learning languages through Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) supports brain development and social skills and creates opportunities to celebrate cultural diversity.


From growing veggies and foraging in the garden for that day’s meal ingredients to learning about recycling, children learn about being part of a community, connecting to their environment and understanding their impact on the world.


Cooking experiences teach numeracy by counting ingredients, and weighing and measuring quantities and volume, while managing these tasks supports independence and confidence.


Together, we are preparing your child for life. Talk to your Guardian Team about kindergarten and preschool for your child.


What Learning Looks Like
at Different Ages

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