Guardian Childcare Centres

Each of our Centres features stimulating, engaging and highly sensory outdoor and indoor spaces. Because we want your child to make space their own and explore in their own unique way.

What makes Guardian Centres special?

The environment plays a huge factor in learning outcomes for children. But this is so much more than just the room or space they find themselves in. We pride ourselves on helping children and families to feel welcome and able to build a sense of belonging, which supports our teaching.

This also extends to our focus on sustainability and social responsibility – teaching children from a young age about their role in the future of our planet.

Above all, our Centres:

  • Inspire curiosity
  • Foster creativity
  • Support discovery
  • Focus on all the senses.

Indoor environments

Our Centres are comfortable, cosy and reflect the unique personality of the individual Centre. Our Educators and children proudly display their work, and resources are always placed at children’s height, so they have access and ownership of the space.

Outdoor spaces

Children thrive when they have room to move and explore, so each Centre has extended outdoor play spaces and natural environments to accommodate their growing and inquisitive bodies and minds. Many of our Centres are custom-built to maximise natural light and to promote interaction with natural materials and plants wherever possible. This also supports our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint.


At our Centres, children are provided with a wide range of resources and materials to inspire their learning and development. We focus on real-world, ‘open-ended’ or ‘loose parts’ materials that encourage creativity, problem-solving and physical development. They are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.

Compared to a packaged plastic toy that has a specific and limited use, materials with no set of directions or rules can be used alone or combined with other materials in endless ways. This type of play launches children into learning environments where imagination can be bought to life. Loose parts can be used any way a child desires – adapted and manipulated in many ways, encouraging creativity,  imagination and open-ended-learning.


“By providing open-ended resources, our educators encourage children to discover concepts like big, small, tall, short, volume, numbers, pattern-making and counting. They ask many questions to give children of all ages the time to reflect on these and acknowledge their ways of communicating.”
Alix Broadhead, Guardian Curriculum Mentor

What Learning Looks Like
at Different Ages

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