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Guardian and the Starlight Children’s Foundation

At Guardian, we are seeking to enrich the lives of the children and families who attend our centres. One way to achieve this is through the development of a philanthropic spirit. If the children of today learn about the benefits of helping others, then this is likely to follow them into later life.

We started this initiative in 2010 and have since raised over $665,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and hope to continue to donate a significant amount every year. This was achieved through a wide range of initiatives including:

  • National fundraising initiatives
  • Centre-based fundraising activities
  • Parent contributions
  • Contributions from our suppliers and from our Support Office employees

Our Commitment to the Environment & Sustainability

The environment of tomorrow, in which our children will live, is dependent on how we manage the environment of today. Unless we start using less of the world’s finite resources, the needs of our growing population is likely to put tomorrow’s environment at risk.

Sustainability at Guardian

Guardian has created an aspirational sustainability strategy with six key goals:

  1. Reducing our electricity consumption in all of our centres and offices
  2. Purchasing environmentally responsible supplies and equipment
  3. Changing the way that we operate so that we lessen our environmental footprint
  4. Reducing the environmental impact of our buildings
  5. Reducing the amount of waste we create at our centres and offices
  6. Reducing water usage

While this is a long-term strategy, our immediate goals are to reduce electricity consumption at centre level and to purchase more environmentally sustainable supplies.

To maintain a clear focus on our sustainability goals, we have a Sustainability Officer at each centre whose role is to help make their centre more sustainable.

Read more about sustainability at Guardian

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