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We’re so lucky to live in a nation of diversity, where people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds have made Australia home and contribute to making it a great place to live.

With vast cultural diversity, you’re guaranteed to encounter people from different backgrounds every day!

Here at Guardian, we acknowledge and celebrate the many people that make Australia home, and contribute to a prosperous future.

We celebrate our multicultural nature through the foods we serve at our Centres, and by introducing children to new languages through Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA), a government-supported initiative that is taught within our Kindergarten and Preschool program, where children can start learning new languages at an early age.


What Is ELLA?

ELLA is a weekly program where children are introduced to new languages though interactive, play-based learning.

Linking directly to the school based Australian curriculum, the program is led by our specialist ELLA Champions, who are degree qualified teachers that develop intentional learning experiences with children.

These experiences provide valuable learning to children that ultimately support their language and social skills, as well as their overall awareness and appreciation for different cultures and communities!

Each of our centres have the option of selecting a language that is appropriate and relevant to their community, ensuring a deeper cultural and community connection with every session.


Languages Support Learning

Research shows that learning a new language from a young age can support children to think more creatively, and enhance their overall problem-solving skills! Young brains are being helped to develop and grow in new ways that support their long-term learning.

Here are three ways how learning different languages can stimulate and enhance your child’s education:

  • Improving English Literacy: When children learn another language, they are using different ‘systems’ within the brain. As they begin to develop an understanding of what different words mean, they compare and contrast the systems and structure of the new language they are learning with English. This will ultimately provide insight for the child as to how English works, enhancing their ability to read and write!
  • Improving Cognitive Concentration: As children begin to learn another language, their brain will begin to strengthen their memory for sequences and structure, building stronger pathways for them to concentrate and build connections for information retention and recall.
  • Understanding & Respecting Different Cultures: By learning a different language, children will start to develop a deeper understanding and respect of different cultures and traditions. This valuable life skills will create a deeper sense of character and social awareness in your child, shaping them in becoming a global and multicultural citizen!


If you’re interested in learning more about the program, please reach out to your centre manager to find out if it’s available at your centre!

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