Guardian Augustine Heights Celebrate New Look with Care Packages

children holding care packages in front of Guardian mural

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In late October, the team and children at Guardian Augustine Heights celebrated a very exciting occasion: rolling out the Guardian rebrand at their centre.

Now, when you walk into Augustine Heights you are greeted by colourful signage and a vibrant mural in the centre’s entrance. Educational Leader, Lisa, shares details of the celebration and how it was organised.

“The children and families love the new look at our centre, and the mural in the entrance has been a particular talking point,” shares Lisa.

“Myself and the leadership team wanted to do something to commemorate the change and celebrate our Educators at the same time.”

It was decided to put together a care package for each of the Educators, containing new Guardian uniforms, thank you cards, toiletries and chocolates, and have the children deliver them.

“We decided it was important to include the children in the presentation, as they are the reason we are here and are such an integral part of our centre,” explains Lisa.

“We then had a discussion with the children on why we were giving the care packages to the Educators: to say thank you for all their hard work and to bring us all together as a team. The children then chose which Educators they wanted to personally deliver to, and shared with us why they chose that person.”

After organising and assembling over 40 care packages, the leadership team then had the tricky task of keeping them a surprise until the presentation day. Luckily, they pulled it off without a hitch.

“At the presentation, the children thanked their Educators and gave them a big hug. It was a beautiful afternoon of gratitude and coming together as a team,” shares Lisa.

“We heard so many stories of kindness and favourite attributes, as well as the sharing of favourite memories. Then it was time for the Educators to model their new uniforms, and celebrate the rebrand alongside the children.”

The children weren’t shy to share their opinions either, and were quick to offer their feedback on the new uniforms. 

“I like the names on the new shirt.” – Penelope

“I like the new colour.” – Luka

“I like the writing on the back.” – Lillian

“I like the things on the shoulder.” – Ellira

“That sign is on our hats too.” – Penelope

“I like the new big picture, it has so many colours.” – Luciana

Through the experience, the children explored identity and connectedness, what it means to be part of a learning community, and building positive relationships with others. 

They also had many conversations around the rebrand itself, and why it was taking place.

“Many of the children wanted to know why the rebrand was happening, and there was a lot of discussion about logos and their purpose,” says Lisa. 

“We explained to the children that just as we are part of a learning community, our centre is a part of a larger community of centres. Our rebrand is bringing us all together.”

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