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Ready to find a career that matters?

If you’re ready to take that leap and find a career that truly matters, Guardian has childcare jobs near you that are exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

With so many innovative child care centres across Australia, you’re sure to find a Guardian centre just a short commute away—making it easy for you to work, take care of your family, and further your education at the same time.

And job seekers like you have many exciting employment opportunities within our organisation.

We’re currently hiring for a variety of roles, including: 

  • Chefs/Cooks
  • Room Leaders
  • Educators
  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Educational Leaders
  • Assistant Centre Managers
  • Centre Managers

We offer casual positions with flexible scheduling all the way up to full-time permanent positions so you can find the right fit for you now and in the future. Your career trajectory is endless when you choose to work at Guardian.

Want to learn how you can grow with us? Call us today at 1300 765 560, and one of our team members will be happy to show you how.



Wondering why you should choose to work at Guardian?

The best part about the child care jobs available with Guardian is that you get to join a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who focus on providing the very best care and education for children possible. We build those important relationships that matter. And we give you a voice in making our organisation even better.  

Enjoy our resource-rich environments, a world-class curriculum, and our commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of all of the children, families, and team members who enter our doors. 

Plus, all members of our team are highly valued, and we appreciate, recognize, and reward the many contributions they provide.

Reach out today at 1300 765 560 for more information on why you should choose Guardian.



Curious about the wages and benefits we offer?

To show you how much we care, Guardian offers competitive wages and salaries as well as a comprehensive benefits package that ensures you and your family are provided for. 

In addition to a steady paycheck, we offer benefits that go above and beyond what you’ll see in other places like:

  • Monthly rewards
  • A financial assistance program
  • Childcare discounts
  • An Employee Referral Program

Guardian also offers professional development opportunities that are designed to help you take your career a step further by providing the important information you need to succeed in your role, familiarising you with our innovative and world-class curriculum, helping you build skills that are vital to the child care field, and show you how to provide top-notch care for the children we serve.

Better yet, we allow all of our team members the autonomy to select which professional development opportunities they wish to pursue, no matter which child care job you’re currently seeking.

This autonomy allows you to be brave and thoughtfully fulfil your own passions and career goals—not ours. At Guardian, we highly encourage you to grow, learn, and thrive in your current position as well as prepare yourself for a future leadership position when you’re ready, and we support you every step of the way.

To bring the very best professional development opportunities to our team members, we’ve created The Guardian Way—an easy-to-use and accessible online portal that gives you the resources and tools you need to succeed personally and professionally within our centres.

When looking for childcare jobs near you, keep in mind our commitment to provide you with webinars led by our specialist teams to teach you best practices in the child care field, as well as the opportunity to attend the largest national conferences offered in the early childhood field.

Job seekers should also know that we’ve partnered with Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub to give our full-time permanent and part-time permanent team members access to free professional development courses that are entirely self-paced. 

And with more than 60 ECA modules and webinars to choose from, we’re happy to help you select which courses are right for you now and in the future.

When you decide to care for children and look for childcare jobs near you, you’re making the decision to serve your local community and be some of the very first influential adults in children’s lives. So we are committed to helping you be the best team member you can be now and helping you plan the trajectory of your career in childcare. 

To get even more wage and benefit information, ring us today at 1300 765 560.



Looking for the perfect childcare job near you?

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Research all of the different roles we have in each of our Guardian centres. With so many options, job seekers are sure to find one they can be proud of.
  2. Review all of the many perks to working at a Guardian centre, such as our competitive wages and salaries and our comprehensive benefits package.
  3. View all of the vacant childcare jobs near you that we currently have available. With so many state-of-the-art centres across Australia, there are likely several centres within a short drive from your home.
  4. Apply to any of the open job postings you’re interested in, and let us know why you’re the perfect match for this role. We even make it easy to update your personal details, view your application, and see your progress online, so you’re never left wondering what comes next.
  5. Sign up for job alerts so that you can be the first to know as new childcare jobs near you become available. Signing up for Guardian job alerts is as simple as filling out the form online with just your email, which roles you may be interested in, and the locations nearest you.

Want to care for children in a safe and secure environment, have access to high-quality resources, and experience the support of an entire team of professionals behind you? You’ve found the right place.

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