Norwood Childcare

Often called one of the premier suburbs of Adelaide, Norwood is a desirable location to live, shop, dine out, and enjoy multiple forms of entertainment. With so many houses, shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this area on a daily basis. And it becomes quite the hot spot every weekend as people flock to this vibrant suburb strictly for the nightlife that it offers.

Located just 4 kilometres from Adelaide, Norwood is more than just convenient—it’s quite advantageous. While living here, you experience small-town charm while also having easy access to a much larger city. But that doesn’t mean you have to make compromises to live here. In fact, Norwood has so many great dining establishments, bars, designer shops, and the finest public and private schools around that many people prefer to live in Norwood rather than anywhere else, including Adelaide.

Plus, there are beautiful landmarks with historic architectural features to see, character homes on tree-lined streets to live in, and recreational areas to enjoy. And who doesn’t appreciate that?

There are many plusses to living in the suburb of Norwood, and more people are discovering its charm all the time.


Norwood Childcare

With so many incredible reasons to live in Norwood already, one might forget one of the most important benefits for growing families—having high-quality Norwood childcare available to working parents. Fortunately, there are several modern Guardian daycares near Norwood to choose from, and each of them delivers the best in education and care to the children we serve.

A mere 2 kilometres away, Guardian Evandale cares for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. At this Norwood day care location, we offer large, well-lit learning spaces, outdoor play areas with natural play structures, and a dining piazza designed for children to eat and socialise with their peers. We also have plenty of open-ended materials for children to explore and be creative with. And while all of our childcare centres throughout Australia are diverse, the team members at Guardian Evandale speak fourteen different languages amongst them—adding to our appreciation for diversity in immeasurable ways. 

At 2.8 kilometres outside of Norwood, Guardian Flinders Street provides superb education and care. The children who attend this centre benefit from our indoor gardens, creek bed, treehouse, sandpits, and natural play structures as well as our outdoor play areas, art studios, and music and movement programs. This day care near Norwood also takes children on regular excursions out into the local community so that they can explore the world around them and meet people within the local area.

Another great Norwood child care option is Guardian Paradise, which is only 6.6 kilometres outside the suburb of Norwood. Guardian Paradise features an atelier space rich in resources as well as outdoor classrooms, sensory areas, and cultural celebrations throughout the year. And children enrolled at Guardian Paradise also learn the importance of caring for animals as this centre has hermit crabs, stick insects, fish, turtles, and birds living on the premises.

Lastly, Guardian Daw Park is just a 7.5-kilometre drive from Norwood. This centre boasts spacious indoor and outdoor spaces with nature-inspired materials. And we also have a leading Norwood kindergarten program led by university-qualified teachers. This program, like all of our educational programs throughout Australia, was designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the National Quality Standard.    

At Guardian, our Teachers and Educators support children in their learning. Using the Reggio framework, our team members adapt the high-quality curriculum we’ve developed, and continue to improve over time, to meet the individual learning needs of each child in our care. In other words, we put every child at the centre of their own learning journey—allowing them to make observations and discoveries on their own and at their own pace. Contemporary studies show that this is how real learning takes place.

At all of our daycares near Norwood, we also focus on supporting the whole child. With our commitment to health and wellness, children enrolled in our Norwood daycares, as well as those attending our Norwood kindergarten programs, have all of their needs being met on a daily basis. From mindfulness and yoga programs to nutritional snacks and meals, we’re committed to caring for your child just like you would at home. 

Plus, we think it’s incredibly important to build strong relationships with families and keep you informed. That’s why we’ve developed both The Learning Exchange and the StoryPark App which we use to give you daily progress updates on your child.


Norwood Cycling Club

The Norwood Cycling Club is both the oldest cycling club in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest cycling club in all of South Australia. Established in 1883, it continues to provide services to cyclists, host events, and support its members.  

Affiliated with Cycling SA, the Norwood Cycling Club boasts many current and former members who’ve gone on to be champion cyclists. And they host events like The Bend Kermeese and the Revolve Circuit Challenge for athletes.


Norwood Oval

Norwood Oval is a suburban stadium located within the suburb of Norwood. Its main purpose is to host Australian rules football games, but the stadium also hosts community events as well as American football, baseball, soccer, and rugby games.

Holding an impressive 22,000 people—with 3,900 seats in the grandstand—the Norwood Oval is a distinctive landmark of Norwood. The grounds of the Norwood Oval and the buildings located there are well-maintained and are an aesthetically-pleasing sight for visitors.


Norwood Town Hall

The Norwood Town Hall is another iconic landmark in the suburb of Norwood. While it remains the council seat to this day, it also holds several other venues inside including a concert hall. Of course, the first thing you’ll notice when arriving at the Norwood Town Hall is its historic clock tower.

Originally built in 1883, the Norwood Town Hall has been listed on the South Australian Heritage Register since 1985.