Video: Learn to Speak the Language of Baby

Communicating with your baby through sign language

Babies can clearly communicate their needs before they learn to talk.

Signing with babies supports their earliest communication as their understanding of language and their gross motor skills develop much faster than their ability to speak. Signing is a way for our youngest learners to communicate their needs and thinking, long before they learn to talk.

Auslan signs – (AUStralian Sign LANuage) is the nationally recognised sign language of Australia.

At Guardian, our Being with Babies program highlights one of the highest expectations of our Guardian Curriculum: That Teachers and educators will include children in decision making and embrace their participation in meaningful ways.

One of the many ways in which we partner with families in their child’s education and care is by offering each family an Auslan book that we have created, upon enrolment. This book creates a bridge between home and the centre so that each baby can experience an holistic approach to communication, expectations from adults and expression.

The Nursery team, led by their ‘Baby Ambassador’, use simple hand gestures to support each child’s

  • Wellbeing: With the signs for eat, drink and sleep
  • Belonging: With the signs for please and thank you
  • Identity: With the signs for more, yes and no.


We invite you to watch our Guardian Auslan video (above) and introduce and incorporate some of these signs in your day with your child.

Click here for another offering from Guardian Collins Street as they share their welcome song in Auslan, incorporating signing into their singing.

From a small part of Guardian’s Baby Welcome experience with images shared by Guardian Collins Street

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