Ages 2+

Create “Le Café”!

Building a healthy eating play cafe space for kids

The children at Guardian Gungahlin have transformed their dramatic play space into a healthy eating café!

Repurposing old magazines, catalogues and CD cases, the children have created their own menus. Nearby pencils and paper encourage the taking of ‘orders’ and a shopping list or two.

If the café runs out of soumething, its a quick dash to the ‘kitchen’ to cook a new batch of something or a run to the ‘shops’ to collect a couple more ingredients. You can do this at home with your child or childen too!

An old cardboard box can become an oven or a fridge and small materials or loose parts from around the house or out in the garden can become anything your child imagines it to be; money for counting, spaghetti for cooking, pancakes for stacking.

The possibilites are endless! Have a look at our ‘Let’s Pretend Mealtimes’ for more ideas.

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From Sue Tompson, our Educator at Guardian Gungahlin

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