Guardian Childcare & Education St Kilda South

(Formerly Tree House)

Guardian Childcare & Education St Kilda South is a beautiful, sprawling Centre with a wrap-around playground, a water play area, natural play structures, and a range of age-specific areas for children to explore and learn.

The light-filled Centre is built around a 200-year-old Moreton Bay Fig Tree, which is the stunning backdrop to our free flowing indoor/outdoor program. The children and our families adore this big beautiful piece of nature that forms the heart of our Centre, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to teach the children about the environment, sustainability and co-existing with nature.

Guardian St Kilda South offers a leading Kindergarten Program, led by our university-qualified teachers which helps prepare our older children for the exciting transition to school. This program is in addition to the amazing learning experiences our dedicated Educators and Teachers prepare for children of all ages – from six months to six years.

We are proud to have a culturally diverse team and therefore celebrate a variety of cultures and holidays throughout the year. In addition to events, our community-minded Educators and Teachers organise regular visits to our neighbouring Guardian Centres, which creates strong bonds between the children.

In addition to visiting our neighbouring Centres, the children at Guardian St Kilda South get out and about on regular excursions into the local community. We visit locations such as Prahran Markets, Booran Park, St Kilda Adventure Playground and St Kilda and Elwood Primary Schools, which form a big part of our transition to school programs.

Guardian St Kilda South have a dedicated on-site cook, Chelsea, who prepares delicious and nutritious meals each day – with seasonal ingredients as the main attraction. Having over 10 years of commercial experience, Chelsea is passionate about sharing new recipes with the children and fellow Guardian cooks in the community. To further explore food at the Centre, our Educators host hands-on cooking classes for the children to expand their knowledge and taste buds!

Begin the adventure at Guardian St Kilda South today by booking a tour to explore the Centre, or chat with our team of Educators to learn more about our approach to high-quality care and education.

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Rhythm of The Day

With endless possibilities, there’s never a dull moment at Guardian and no two days are the same. Here’s what a day at Guardian might look like. Please note, this will vary depending on centre opening hours.

Helpful Information

Opening Hours

Open 7:30am to 6:30pm
Monday to Friday

Fee Information

Age Group Daily Fee
Under 3 Years $160.50*
Over 3 Years $159.50*

*Price before the government rebate. To calculate what Child Care Subsidy you might get back, click here.

Our Educators

Our team of Educators are committed and passionate about ensuring your child will be safe, nurtured and cared for every day. At Guardian, children are encouraged to engage in interest-led play that creates learning and meaningful experiences.

Our Educators seek to optimise diverse learning opportunities and implement the Curriculum as framed by the Early Years Learning Framework.

You and Your Child

All Guardian Centres provide a Centre-to-Family communication platform so families can maintain contact with their children’s experiences through photos, stories and learning outcomes.

Our Centres use Storypark and each family is provided with a secure login to access on their computers, mobiles or apps.

Learn More About Our Centre

Guardian Childcare & Education St Kilda South is built around a historically significant tree. This Morton Bay Fig tree is around 200 years old and has been a place of gathering for children and families for generations. At Guardian, we acknowledge the history and traditions of those who have come to this site before us, including the Boonwurung People. We also acknowledge that the presence of this tree is the reason this site was available for the centre to be built around.

This leads us to feelings of respect, appreciation and responsibility towards nature, which guides our practices and is ever present in our educational program. Our centre runs a wonderful excursion program with regular visits to the supermarket, library, local primary schools, cafes, beach, the list goes on.

Our centre has a full time chef who prepares fresh, locally sourced food with a large emphasis on a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, legumes and seeds.

We also provide necessities such as nappies, sunscreen, Sudocream and bedding for nap times.

Begin the Adventure at Guardian

To explore the centre, chat with our team of Educators and learn more about our high-quality curriculum, book a tour now.

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