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Did you know that in the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second? This ‘wiring’ in the early years will be the foundation for later development.¹

Therefore, learning in the early years are critical and at Guardian we believe we have a responsibility to do all we can to optimise a child’s developmental experience during their time with us.

Whether your child is six weeks or six years old, there are a multitude of ways we support your child’s development at our centres. These include:

Choosing the right early learning centre for your child

Choosing the Right Early Learning Centre for Your Child

Choosing the right early learning centre for your child will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child. You’ll want to consider where your child will be most happy, what kind of centre will best suit your child’s needs, what is the curriculum and what style of care is provided.

We are here to help making the decision process easier for you. The following tips and articles will help you get started on choosing the early learning centre that’s right for you and your child:

1. Australian Early Development Census. (2017) Brain Development in Children.

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