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Woolworths Parent Information Session: Dr Elanna Yalow On Early Learning

On Wednesday 23 May, Dr Elanna Yalow shared some valuable insights into the world of early learning and childcare with some Woolworths families.

In previous talks, Dr Elanna Yalow covers topics highly relevant to modern families. Watch some of snippets of her talks addressing a range of topics including play-based learning, screen time, gender balance and identity, and dual language exposure below.

Thank you to the families to attended! Read more

The Sky’s the Limit with Export Park’s Weekly Airport Excursions

Uniquely located near Adelaide airport, children at Export Park Childcare Centre are in the exciting position to experience various aspects of the airport within walking distance.

Every Tuesday children from the “Waddlers” room get the opportunity to participate in an excursion to the airport. To give all children in the room the chance to visit the airport, Centre Manager Toni Shatwell says, “Each week eight different children go on the excursion so that at least once a month every child has had a turn. The educators also take alternate turns so that they too can have an outing.” Read more

Understanding Fire Safety at our Centres

Working in an office block you may be well familiar with fire drills – the sounds of the alarms and the (sometimes) long trudge down the fire stairs. Children at Guardian centres within office blocks also take part in regular fire drills to ensure they are safe and familiar with the procedures. Guardian Early Learning Centre – Queen Street and Charlotte Street are two childcare centres in Brisbane who have their fire drill procedures down pat. Read more

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