Childcare and Early Learning Centres in Sydney CBD

Guardian Childcare and Education has 7 Centres in and around the Sydney CBD.  So you can access the highest quality education and care for your child, in close proximity to your workplace. All with less rushing around and more time with your child.

Education and Care for Children – birth to five years.

Our play-based learning approach is not just about preparing your child for school, but also for life. Because learning is a journey that never ends

Our children of today will face a different world tomorrow. They will require different skills and abilities; need to be innovative and adaptable; and be able to think creatively and critically.

That’s why our approach is based on the latest research and insights into how children learn best, focusing in on the specific skills they will need to thrive in the 21st Century.  

“We’re focused on teaching children how to learn versus just ticking a box. The first five years in a child’s life are incredibly important when it comes to setting them up with a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.
Kathryn Waugh, Guardian Head of Curriculum 

Why choose Guardian for your child?

  • A large, permanent team of highly-qualified teachers and teams.
  • State of the art, custom-designed Centres and facilities.
  • Our focus on nutrition and wellbeing with on-site cooks and chefs.
  • Our renowned Preschool Programs, all the benefits of long day care flexibility for families.
  • An open-door policy, with families, welcome to visit anytime during the day.
  • Special programs and excursions tailored for city Centres.
  • Expert help to guide families through their entitlements (e.g. the Child Care Subsidy).
  • Play-based learning using open-ended resources to inspire creativity and sustainability. 
  • Full-service care including nappies, meals, bottles, sunscreen, hats, bed linen and more.

Want to experience the Guardian difference? Find your closest Centre and join us for a private tour today.

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Guardian Early Learning Centre - Barangaroo

Barangaroo, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education Barangaroo

Children from Guardian Bligh St painting

Sydney, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education Bligh Street

Children from Guardian George St listening to Educator read book

Sydney, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education George Street

Children playing indoor playground at Guardian Margaret street

Sydney, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education Margaret Street

Educator reading book to children at Guardian Market Street Darling view

Sydney, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education Market Street (Darling View)

Sydney, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education Market Street (Queens View)

3 children playing inside Guardian Phillip

Sydney, NSW

Guardian Childcare & Education Phillip Street