Early Learning

At Guardian, our centres focus on early learning in supportive and inclusive environments. With custom-designed spaces built to ignite curiosity and learning, and teams of dedicated educators, every one of our child care centres provide high quality early learning for children. But what exactly is early learning and why is it important for children?

What is Early Learning?

Children develop much of their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills during their first few years which is why it is important we provide them with a framework for early learning to facilitate this development.

Our curriculum is the cornerstone of our education philosophy and embraces play-based early learning for all children in our care. It has been developed in accordance with the government’s Early Years Learning Framework which you can read about here.

We provide environments which encourage early learning relevant to a child’s own interests and levels of ability. Our educators play a role in which they support the child through their discoveries.

Play-based Learning

Guardian’s early learning curriculum allows the child to be involved in their own learning, exploring areas that are of interest to them. We believe children are intuitive and skilful researchers and that their curiosity is ignited by their environments.

Play-based learning provides children the opportunity to problem solve, socialise, experiment and make sense of the world around them. By making available an abundance of materials (many of which are nature inspired) to children and employing educators who genuinely care about every child, our centres offer the best early learning environments possible.

Visual Documentation Inspires Early Learning

We value educational documentation as an effective tool for children, educators and families to collaboratively assess teaching and learning. It’s an ongoing process which supports critical reflection as well as multiple perspectives.

Children at our early learning centres play a role in the content of their documentation and are regularly consulted throughout the process. Families engage with this documentation and contribute their own perspectives on children’s thinking, learning, development and wellbeing. We believe documentation is a highly collaborative and valuable aspect of early learning and are proud to provide this at our centres.

Children will work on an idea or subject of interest for an extended period of time and build on a significant thread of learning through projects that may develop over weeks and months. As global citizens with rights, children are always asked for permission before having their documentation displayed. This is an important part of our curriculum as we believe all children have an active role in their world.

Looking for an Early Learning Centre Near You?

Guardian Early Learning Group has a large number of early learning centres across Australia’s major cities. Conveniently located and beautifully designed, these spaces offer high quality early learning for children between six weeks and six years old.

Explore the range of early learning centres in your area: