What Makes Our Day Care Centres Different

Day care these days is more than simply dropping your child off and hoping that they have a good time. While having a great time is a huge part of childcare, it’s also much more than that. Questions like ‘What will my child eat?’, ‘How will I find out about what my child does every day?’ and ‘Are there set programs?’ are all important things to consider.

For a list of questions you should ask your centre while you’re on a tour, head here.

Across our day care centres in Australia, we provide a curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This child led learning allows the child to follow their own interests whilst having this development supported by both educators and parents. Most of our childcare centres offer resource rich, custom designed environments filled with open ended objects to ignite curiosity and imagination within children.

We also provide nutritious, seasonal meals with many children in our centres hand picking vegetables and herbs from the centre’s veggie patch. Some are also involved in the cooking process which helps children in our centres to explore new flavours and textures.

What makes our Centres different?

There are many things that make Guardian different. Here are just a few examples:

  • We work in partnership with you to ensure your child’s time with us is integrated with your goals and aspirations for your child
  • Our educators follow a contemporary play-based Curriculum that supports the National Quality Framework
  • Indoor and outdoor environments at our centres are nature-inspired
  • We opt for natural resources over plastic toys
  • Staff ratios typically operate greater than the minimum standards which ensures our children receive more quality time with our educators
  • Nutritious meals are provided using fresh and seasonal produce
  • We have an open door policy – call or drop by our centre at any time
  • The convenience of pram parking in most of our CBD centres
  • Follow your child’s experiences through our daily communication on Storypark – a private and secure platform for families
  • Long day care hours at many centres making it easier for working families

Why does Guardian prefer Early Learning Centre over Day Care?

Early learning encapsulates what our childcare centres in Australia focus on. Rather than day care where there is often no Curriculum, Guardian has spent years developing a bespoke Curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This curriculum, developed by experts in the field of early learning, provide the basis of learning for our day care centres.

Guaridan Centres in Australia

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