Summer Learning Program

Join our Summer Celebration!

December 13, 2021 – January 28, 2022 

Summer holidays are always the best time of year in our Centres – every day is a unique, exciting and fun program of activities for the children. And best of all, our incredible Summer Learning Programs are at no extra cost to families.

During this time, we are open as usual and encourage you to keep your child enrolled so they may benefit from the continued learning opportunities on offer, and all the fun they will have with their friends.  In fact, many of our Centres have additional casual days available to help support you. 

These exciting, fun and educational programs run for seven weeks and are designed to support families over the busy Christmas and Summer period. This year we are also offering additional support to our older children in the lead up to their start at Primary School through our ‘Flying Start to School’ program. 


Summer Learning: What does the program look like? 

Fun and inspiring weekly programs have been developed by our Teachers and Centre Teams, which means they are unique to every Centre and the children’s interests, and no two days look the same.  

However, there will be some common themes and activities that are brought to life in different ways across our Centres: 

  • Cooking classes
  • Gardening experiences
  • Exciting community excursions (not applicable to Victorian Centres) 
  • Art shows  
  • Water play  

In addition, every Centre will have a special ‘Summer Celebration’ held on Friday 21 January 2022.  

2021 has been a tough year for our world, for our children, for our families and for our teams. So it’s more important than ever to find joy in our shared experiences and to celebrate each child’s learning, the relationships we treasure and our time together as a Guardian family.  

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to input and help plan this big celebration during their time in our Summer Learning Program. Each Centre will be celebrating in their own unique way, yet we will all be united in our hope for a wonderful new year of learning ahead – in our Centres and for those of our children heading off on their next big adventure at school. 

Please speak directly with your centre team to understand what exciting experiences will be planned at your Guardian Centre, and to book in any casual days during our Summer Learning Program. 

You can also take a look on our blog at what some of our Centres did during the 2019 Summer Learning Program. 


A Flying Start to School 

From December 29 – January 21, children aged four and older will be able to participate in ‘A Flying Start to School’ – our special Summer Learning program designed to prepare your child for the transition to school. Again, there is no additional cost, and this program will have special experiences designed for those who are Moving On Up to school in 2022. 

This is a great way to get your child confident for starting school. Activities may include:

  • Lunch Box Days – Meal planning, practice peeling fruits, opening and closing containers. These experiences promote healthy food choices while helping your child develop independence and self-help skills crucial for when the start formal schooling.
  • Discussions and sharing stories – What school is like and who will be there to help them. These conversations are important for children to share their thoughts, excitement or worries about school and be heard and reassured by those they trust to ask for help, help others, make friends and join in.
  • Practice how to manage everyday tasks –  Zipping up their bag, taking clothes and hats on and off, recognising their name. These tasks help develop independence and decision making, which breeds confidence and helps your child feel a sense of achievement.
  • Practice using tools – To cut and paste, construct, write and draw. Using materials in various ways supports children to share their ideas, and learning how to use new tools broadens what they can share with others.
  • Discussions around friendship – What makes a friend, how to join in and play with others.  
  • Talking about the many ways children might travel to school – Road safety and what before and after school might look like.
  • Practicing handwashing, sun safety and learning more about drinking water – Promoting healthy decision making and what will be different at school. 
  • Pretend and role play – Being at big school, dressing up in a school uniform and role playing a Teacher, Principal, Librarian etc.

If your child doesn’t usually attend on particular days, don’t worry. Speak now with your Centre Manager about booking additional casual days for your child to they can access the maximum benefit from this great program. 

Why Summer Learning? 

Not only does the Guardian Summer Learning Program help parents juggle the many commitments at this busy time of year, but it’s the perfect way to keep your child in routine and foster further development with new and exciting experiences.  

Our families have shown great trust in the Guardian programs and our care for your children during 2020. This program offers continued assurance of health and safety, the existing relationships your child  has developed with friends, teachers and educators, and ongoing learning opportunities for your child throughout the Summer period and into the New Year. 

How much does it cost? 

For existing families, there is no extra cost for the Summer Learning Program. If you would like to pick up extra days during this period so your child can benefit from the full program, additional days will be charged at the standard casual rate.  

How do I enrol?  

For existing families there is nothing you need to do. Speak to your Centre Manager if you wish to pick up additional days or change your current booking.  


For new families interested in enrolling in the Guardian Summer Learning Program, please call 13 82 30 or find your nearest Guardian Centre.