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The Guardian Curriculum is the cornerstone of our educational approach and embeds the significant and meaningful role Guardian plays in the lives of our children and families. Our key curriculum principles assert that that the child is a holder of rights and responsibilities in our world and needs to connect with nature and sustainability.

These principles assert that:

  • Children are active global citizens with rights
  • Children are intuitive and skilful researchers
  • Children’s curiosity is ignited by environments
  • Children communicate their theories and express themselves in multiple ways
  • Children’s thinking and learning is inspired through visible documentation

We embrace meaningful play-based learning in accordance with the Government Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our curriculum applies contemporary early learning theory, inspired by Reggio Emilia and Boulder Journey Schools to focus on child-led development where children are guided by their natural interests and curiosities and inquisition.

You can expect development in areas such as language, science, literacy and numeracy, but also in art and music, social and life skills, problem solving and investigation within a framework designed to meet each developmental level.

Curriculum planning is sufficiently flexible to accommodate children’s changing needs. Children engage in a variety of individual and small group tasks with a balance of indoor and outdoor play, as well as quiet and active experiences.

As children develop, concepts and skills are presented and investigated, and then expanded through intentional teaching and imaginative play that supports cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

This process connects how children assimilate information to better prepare themselves for the transition to formal schooling and readiness to navigate school, employment and life. This preparation enables them to think critically and solve problems with meaningful connections to real world context.

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