20th July 2020


Thank You Guardian Team

To our awesome Educators, Centre Managers, Cooks, Operation Teams and every other member of the Guardian ‘frontline’.

For your dedicated work and ongoing support to the Guardian children and families during this unprecedented time with COVID

Thank You Guardian Team.

  • Thank you for… Helping our little ones understand big ideas
  • Thank you for… The kind words and gentle shoulders
  • Thank you for… The reassurance and communication
  • Thank you for… Keeping up the smiles, the giggles and the stories
  • Thank you for… Being adaptable and resilient
  • Thank you for… Keeping our children safe

As a country, we have faced unprecedented change and so many unknowns throughout the first half of this year.

And we know that during this uncertainty, you have worked harder than ever before. You have steadfastly supported the families who rely on us to care for their children while they continue to work or look for work. You have adapted to the change, to the new processes, from hygiene to drop off / pick up zones. All with a smile on your face and a gentle word to our children

We want to thank you for your dedication and ongoing care. We see your amazing effort and how you have come together as one.

We’re all in this together to support the families and children who rely on us to provide an amazing education and loving care.

And we will continue to say ‘thank you’ for the work you do every day.