Trainee Educators

Are you ready for an exciting career where you’ll provide high-quality early education to children? A Trainee educator role is one of the best ways to start a career in early childhood education. If you’re a recent school leaver or have been working in another industry and are interested in an early childhood education career, we want to hear from you!

At Guardian Childcare & Education, we believe that a positive experience for people entering the industry is one of the best ways to introduce people to the joys of working in early childhood education. As a Trainee educator in Guardian Childcare, you’ll receive many benefits, including:

● Being a positive influence in the lives of children under our care
● Working in a very rewarding career with formal and practical training
● Working in a high-quality and well-resourced environment
● A competitive salary includes many benefits, such as childcare discounts and rewards.
● Access to WHEREFIT, which provides 2,000 discounted corporate offers of up to 50% discounts on gym memberships, activewear purchases, healthy meals, and more.

Childcare educator traineeship

As a Trainee educator, you’ll have the opportunity to earn while you learn. We’ll support you with a position in our childcare centres as you study to become an early childhood Educator. Each day you spend at Guardian, you’ll inspire children and see them grow and learn.

What’s a Trainee childcare educator?

You’ll work alongside a team of fully qualified Educators when you work in a Trainee educator role. The time you spend in the rooms will complement your training, and you won’t be expected to run a learning experience by yourself until the end of your training.
The Centre Manager and other team members will provide ongoing feedback about your work. They’ll discuss areas where you’re working well and support you as you learn new tasks. Teacher training is about building your skills and giving you the time to learn and become a confident educator. When you’re getting started in an education role, some mistakes will happen, but during these times, learning opportunities will appear, and they’ll make you a better Educator.

What does a Trainee educator do?

A Trainee educator position aims to provide you with on-the-job training where you can put your studies into practice. You may find many aspects of childcare that are not covered in your studies, and working on-site in a childcare centre provides you with unique insights and unexpected experiences.
You’ll work with the Centre Manager and other team members at Guardian. As a part of your position, you’ll work towards the following:

● Building positive relationships with children, families, and other Educators.
● Provide a stimulating environment for children attending the centre.
● Preparing the room for the day’s activities
● Planning education experiences and programs with other Educators

How much does a childcare Trainee get paid?

The amount a childcare Trainee is paid is dependent on many factors. These factors will include the highest level of education you obtained, the length of time since you left school, and your age. If you have experience in childcare previously, it can count towards your overall pay.
As a childcare Trainee at Guardian Childcare, we’ll pay for your studies and wages. Provided you have not completed any other formal qualifications (in any field) and can obtain a Working with Children check, you can apply for a position as a childcare Trainee.

How to apply for childcare educator traineeship jobs?

Childcare education jobs are open to anyone interested in building a career in childcare. If you’re passionate about delivering quality teaching programs and working with children, you can look through the current vacancies at Guardian Childcare & Education.
When you work at Guardian, we’ll provide you with a professional Early Childhood Teacher to be your mentor. They’ll introduce you to the many amazing things you’ll experience as you learn and develop towards becoming a qualified Educator or Early Childhood Teacher. You can search through the job vacancies and apply today. We can’t wait to hear from you!