Park Ridge Childcare

Park Ridge is a rural suburb in Australia that is best known for its small-town vibe. Residents here typically live in houses with acreage surrounded by bushland as opposed to the much smaller lots homes are built on in Australia’s big cities. At 37 kilometres outside of Brisbane, Park Ridge is a convenient location for many commuting families and is known to be an affordable area to live in.

For having such a small population—with only about 2,500 people—Park Ridge surprisingly has some pretty nice amenities in the area. Staying true to its name, Park Ridge has two parks locals can frequent—Hubner Park and Park Ridge District Park.

In addition to these two parks, Park Ridge also offers a shopping destination called Park Ridge Town Centre that boasts stores, restaurants, and service and health retailers. With a very modern architectural style, Park Ridge brings many retailers together in one small area for the convenience of Park Ridge residents.

And while living in Park Ridge may not seem as fast-paced or exhilarating as living in a much larger Australian city, residents of Park Ridge appreciate the wide-open spaces and friendly people who live here.  

Park Ridge Childcare

In more of a rural area, you may think that the options for daycare in Park Ridge are pretty limited. But fortunately, that is not the case. In fact, there are actually three Guardian centres offering high-quality Park Ridge daycare services to families in the area that are all less than 20 kilometres away.

Guardian childcare centres are well-known for providing excellent early childhood education and care services for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years of age. As a matter of fact, working parents all over Australia trust us with the care of their children thanks in part to our focus on supporting the whole child, building partnerships with the families that we serve, and offering a world-class curriculum that is tailored to meet the unique educational needs of each child.

At just 13 kilometres southwest of Park Ridge, Guardian Greenbank has perks that make this short commute well worth the drive. Our modern Park Ridge day care features six, light-filled learning spaces that are both warm and inviting to young learners. We also offer art spaces, ateliers, outdoor play areas, and a communal piazza for socialising at this Park Ridge childcare centre.

Another option for parents searching for childcare near Park Ridge is Guardian’s Underwood centre at just 14.6 kilometres northeast of town. Guardian Underwood offers herb and vegetable gardens, an art studio, a water pump, a creek bed, a worm farm, and natural play structures for curious children to explore. Plus, we offer innovative educational programs to families looking at their Park Ridge preschool and Park Ridge kindergarten options.    

Next, Guardian Sunnybank is only 18 kilometres North making it one of the great Park Ridge child care options for parents who commute into Brisbane each day. At Guardian Sunnybank, children learn important life skills by tending the herb and vegetable gardens, caring for the Australian Native stingless bees, working the water pump, and playing in both the wooden fort and on the natural play structures.

The beauty of choosing any of these Guardian day cares near Park Ridge is that we focus on supporting children in their learning by placing them at the helm of their own educational journey.

Our Teachers and Educators are highly-trained in adapting our first-rate curriculum to meet the individual needs of each child. They do this by sparking their curiosity, encouraging them to be brave and active learners, and allowing them to make their own discoveries as they explore the ever-changing world around them.

Moreover, the thousands of children enrolled in Guardian childcare centres throughout Australia have their health and wellness needs met each day as well. Many of our centres employ on-site Cooks and Chefs who prepare nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day and support children as they learn about seasonal ingredients, what is in our food, and how to prepare balanced recipes that nourish our bodies. 

Many Guardian centres also offer programs that focus on mindfulness and yoga practices so children learn these important self-care techniques early in life. They can use these self-care techniques to stay active, stay healthy, and stay strong long into adulthood.

Hubner Park 

Hubner Park is a great destination for anyone who enjoys spending time in an expansive green space. The park itself is surrounded by trees, and it’s the perfect location for hosting a picnic or playing frisbee with family and friends. Both the grounds and facilities here are well-maintained, and there is parking available on the premises.

For those looking to get into a game with others, Hubner Park offers fields for playing football, futsal, and cricket. Plus, there is also a canteen for drinks and snacks and fitness equipment available within the park. 

Park Ridge District Park

Another family-friendly choice for outdoor leisure time in the suburb of Park Ridge is Park Ridge District Park. Here you’ll find some nice, large green spaces, BBQs, and picnic tables for your next family cookout or picnic.

The kids will also enjoy playing on the play equipment that is located here. So get outside and enjoy the beautiful Australian weather with your loved ones at Park Ridge District Park.

Park Ridge Town Centre

Park Ridge Town Centre offers many shopping, dining, and service options all in one central location for the residents of Park Ridge. Park Ridge Town Centre is a neighbourhood shopping centre that was purposefully designed to service the needs of the community at large.

At Park Ridge Town Centre, there are several speciality retailers to frequent, including a butchery, a craft store, and several bakeries. There are also large and small food markets. And there are service retailers like the post office, a dentist, a family physician, and an eyewear store. With so many retailers in one place, Park Ridge Town Centre makes it easy to get your errands done in a short amount of time.