Lead Educator

Lead Educators will plan and deliver educational programs aligned with current curriculum outcomes. They’ll follow up with other Educators and Teachers to ensure that programs are working as intended and adjust based on children’s engagement and feedback from their team. As a leader in the room, they’ll lead by example and showcase the expectations for Educators and Teachers in the childcare centre.

Lead Educator childcare

Lead Educators are an essential part of any childcare centre. At Guardian Childcare & Education, our Lead Educators will set the tone of their learning space and ensure all other team members are mentored using appropriate techniques.

What is a Lead Educator?

A Lead Educator has the role of inspiring other Educators and Teachers working in the childcare centre. They’ll need a solid understanding of the current National Quality Framework (NQF) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). They’ll work with other education team members in the centre to ensure they are developing play-based learning activities that deliver the desired outcomes.

A Lead Educator will lead through example, and they will set up new environments to provide the children with valuable learning spaces. They’ll play an essential role in the education of children attending the childcare centre and foster strong bonds with their team members, children and families. Lead Educators can problem-solve and take care of any matters as they arise in the centre.

How can I become a good Lead Educator?

Lead Educators in childcare are also called Room Leaders. They are childcare professionals passionate about delivering quality educational programs to children in their care. A leader will work to provide an example to others. They are highly skilled and will develop positive relationships with their children, families, and team.

Learning about a Lead Educator’s responsibilities can help to show you if the position is a right fit for your personality and education levels. A Lead Educator’s responsibilities can change depending on how a room is organised, and you may be leading one or more Educators while ensuring your room is operating effectively.

Education Leaders will have a hand in educating other team members and assisting them in their career progression. You’ll have a hand developing the curriculum and activities to ensure they meet current guidelines. Leaders are responsible for communicating the plan to other Educators and preparing adjustments based on constructive feedback. Other duties to be completed by Lead Educators will include:

  • Training new team members
  • Providing feedback to Teachers and Educators
  • Attending meetings with the leadership team
  • Assisting children who require additional support
  • Promoting an inclusive environment for children and families
  • Planning and leading high-quality and engaging experiences

How do I apply for a Lead Educator role in childcare?

Our Lead Educators at Guardian will have a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and have or are currently studying for their Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

When you work with Guardian Childcare & Education, you’ll receive a competitive salary, industry recognition and other rewards, including:

  • Access to the Guardian Degree Program, where we’ll support you during any studying you choose to complete through flexible working hours, paid study, and reimbursement of course fees (terms and conditions apply).
  • Access to the WHEREFIT program, where you’ll receive 2,000 discounted corporate offers, such as up to 50% off gym memberships, activewear purchases, beauty products, healthy meals, and more.
  • Paid first-aid certificates and renewal courses to ensure you’re up to date with all current first-aid requirements
  • Childcare discounts (subject to availability)

If you’re qualified and have experience working in childcare, you’re encouraged to apply for any open positions at Guardian. All current vacancies are listed on this page, and you can apply directly through our website. When you work at Guardian Childcare & Education, you’ll be in a modern and well-resourced early childhood centre where you can access a highly skilled network of Educators. Apply today!