Kensington Childcare

Kensington is a suburb in South Australia known for being a quiet and friendly place to live. With its streets purposefully laid out in a diagonal pattern, Kensington is an enjoyable place to take a nice, long stroll while looking at all of the pretty houses lining the residential neighbourhoods here.

In Kensington, you’ll also find Second Creek— a waterway that’s really fun to explore as it winds its way through town. In some areas of Kensington, Second Creek actually runs underneath the ground, so you simply follow the paved trails above it as you continue on your walk.

But perhaps the best part of living in Kensington though is being surrounded by so many other well-known suburbs in the area. These suburbs—which include, but are certainly not limited to, Kensington Park, Beulah Park, Norwood, and Marryatville—all have unique offerings for people living nearby. And they’re so close to Kensington itself that it’s easy to shop, dine, and find entertainment only a short distance from home.

Plus, Kensington is only 4.3 kilometres outside of Adelaide’s city centre, making it a quick drive for the many commuters who travel there daily for work or pleasure. In fact, it almost seems unreal that this quiet little gem of a suburb exists so close to Adelaide at all.

Kensington Childcare

While living in such a clean and safe suburb of Adelaide certainly has its perks, other benefits to living here include the high-quality Kensington childcare options in the area. Families with young children—ages 6 weeks to 6 years of age—can take full advantage of multiple Guardian childcare centres located only a short distance from Kensington proper. 

Just 2.3 kilometres away, Guardian Evandale provides residents with a Kensington daycare they can trust. Our centre features expansive learning rooms, outdoor play areas with natural play structures, and a dining piazza designed for both eating and socialising purposes. 

Thanks to our commitment to hiring a diverse workforce, team members at this childcare near Kensington speak an incredible fourteen different languages. 

Plus, we offer Kensington kindergarten programs that prepare young learners for their formal schooling to come. And since it’s so close to the surrounding suburbs previously mentioned, Guardian Evandale is also a great choice for families in need of child care near Kensington Park as well.   

Only 4 kilometres away, Guardian Flinders Street provides several resource-rich learning environments for children to explore. At this Kensington day care location, we offer indoor gardens, a creek bed, a treehouse, sandpits, and natural play structures. Guardian Flinders Street also boasts enclosed outdoor play areas, art studios, and music and movement programs to spark children’s creativity. And it’s proximity to Kensington and its surrounding suburbs makes it a great option for parents searching for a Norwood daycare or Norwood preschool program as well. 

And as with all Guardian centres, the educational programs at Guardian Flinders Street are unlike any other you’ll find. At Guardian, our Teachers and Educators put children at the centre of their own learning experience—allowing them to construct meaning and make discoveries on their own as they play. Our highly-skilled team members are trained to adapt our world-class curriculum—based on the Reggio framework—to meet each young learner where they are.

Lastly, only 6.4 kilometres away, Guardian Paradise is a unique Kensington childcare option that places interactive experiences at the top of our priorities list. Children enrolled at Guardian Paradise enjoy presentations by community members—such as clay and flower workshops—conduct science experiments, and participate in cultural celebrations. Plus, they care for animals like hermit crabs, stick insects, fish, turtles, and birds. 

Of course, these activities are in addition to the stimulating learning spaces we offer and the indoor and outdoor play areas we’ve designed intentionally with children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn in mind. What you’ll notice when you visit our centres are all of the resources we provide to children, team members, and parents so that each child gets the very best start in life.

And what each of these Kensington child care options also has in common is Guardian’s focus on ensuring that all children are encouraged to be creative, brave, and curious. And we’ve made a commitment to support the whole child.

To ensure that the needs of all children enrolled in any of our Guardian centres near Kensington are being met at all times, they spend their days going on excursions into the local community, building relationships with peers and trusted adults, eating nutritious meals and snacks that oftentimes are prepared by Chefs and Cooks right on-site, and learning from an innovative, play-based curriculum that’s specifically designed to ignite discovery.

Parents are also encouraged to stay connected through both The Learning Exchange and the StoryPark App—which we use in order to provide families with regular and consistent communication about each of our centres and their child’s developmental and educational progress.

As you can see, working parents in Kensington have many exceptional childcare options to choose from.

Kensington Park Oval

Kensington Park Oval is a young child’s dream come true. Located in the nearby suburb of Kensington Park, Kensington Park Oval is an outdoor space with tons of play structures—both manufactured and natural—for children to explore. 

Here you’ll find bridges, ladders, clubhouses, swings, slides, and stumps for young kids to run, jump, and climb on. It’s also an accessible area, with plenty of bench seating, picnic tables, BBQs, and facilities for families to use while they’re there. Lastly, there are two tennis courts in this park as well, and all of these structures are modern and well-maintained.

Mary MacKillop Museum

For those who love learning about history, culture, and religion, the Mary MacKillop Museum is open for tours. This museum takes a hands-on, interactive approach to teaching the life story of Sister Mary MacKillop who became the first Australian saint in the Catholic Church.

Visitors here experience both audio and visual storytelling, are provided with lesson plans and activities, and are able to make purchases in the gift shop.