How to Create the Perfect Resume for Childcare

Once you’re ready to begin your career in childcare, the first step is to start applying for jobs. Writing a resume can be challenging, especially if you lack relevant experience, but there are a few tips to keep in mind that will make it a bit easier for you. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know to create the perfect resume for childcare!

What to include on your childcare resume

Employers often have a lot of resumes to look through, so you want yours to stand out. By adding distinct sections, a potential employer can easily find the key parts they’re interested in, giving you a better chance of landing an interview.

Contact details

When applying for jobs in early childhood education and care, it’s a good idea to give potential employers various ways to contact you. That way, they can easily clarify any information on your resume and offer you the opportunity to attend an interview.

Including your contact information on your resume makes it easy for employers to get in touch with you and learn more about your qualifications, which can help you move forward in the job application process.

You should provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website, if you have one

Make sure to check that your email address is professional, and your phone number is up to date. You could benefit from including a mailing address, but this is generally optional, so it’s okay if you don’t have one.

Strengths, skills and qualities

When a potential employer reviews your resume, they are looking to see if you have the skills and qualities to perform well in a childcare setting. By including your strengths, skills, and good qualities, you’ll express your ability to create a positive learning environment for children and nurture them in their early childhood development.

Patience is a quality that childcare employers often look for. Supporting children to learn and develop can take a lot of time, so it’s a great skill to show an employer you’re capable of persisting with children. You’ll need to engage and stimulate children through games and activities, which requires good creative skills, so this is another excellent quality to include on your resume.

You’ll need to be flexible to work in childcare so you can adapt to the changing needs of children throughout the day. By providing this information, you’ll increase your chances of getting an interview and winning the job!

Education background

If you’re hoping to secure a job in the childcare industry, it’s important to highlight your educational background on your resume. You’ll be painting a picture for potential employers to understand your skills and expertise.

Mentioning your educational achievements and childcare qualifications can help you stand out from the competition. It will demonstrate your commitment to the field and can help employers gauge your fit for their organisation.

You can add the following in this section of your resume:

  • Information about your educational qualifications.
  • Any relevant early childhood education courses you have completed.
  • Details about your professional development, such as any workshops or training you have attended.

Employment history

You may also want to highlight your work history to demonstrate your dedication to the field and show that you’re capable of working in a childcare environment. You’ll show potential employers you have a history of working with children and that you can engage them with kindness and respect while focusing on achieving developmental milestones.

It will also help communicate your genuine commitment to childcare and that you are reliable and responsible when it comes to caring for younger children. There’s also the option to go into more depth. You can offer insight into your unique approach to early childhood education and care. Employers can use this information to gain an idea of whether you’d fit in with the style they use at their centre.

For the above reasons, your childcare resume could also include the following:

  • A summary of your childcare experience
  • The ages of the children you have cared for
  • The type of care you provided
  • Any relevant certifications or training you have

Personal interests

You can include some of your personal interests to show potential employers that you’re a well-rounded member of the community. Personal interests give employers a better sense of your qualities and values and can help them gain more of an understanding of whether you’re suitable for the role.

When it comes to your interests, choose those that demonstrate responsibility, kindness and compassion. If you’re active in your community, list any volunteer work you do. If you’re involved in any other work related to children, such as babysitting or coaching children’s sports teams, be sure to include those as well. You may also like to introduce your creative side and what you’ve been able to create in the past.


References provide third-party validation of your skills and experience. They help potential employers confirm the experience and qualifications you have discussed in other parts of your resume.

The references you mention depend on your preferences and the specific position you’re applying for. Good references to mention are people who have overseen you working with children, such as:

  • Previous childcare employers
  • Childcare program administrators
  • Other childcare professionals

It’s a good idea to include at least one personal reference, such as a friend or family member. They can attest to your character and personal qualities.

Before you list someone as a reference on your resume, make sure to check with them first to confirm that they’re happy to be on there. Ask if they are willing to provide a positive review of your work as a childcare provider.

How to properly list your education

Listing your education on your resume will show potential employers that you have the necessary qualifications to work in childcare. Try to include as much as you can, such as:

  • First aid courses
  • Early childhood education and care qualifications
  • Childcare-related training

Don’t forget to mention any relevant professional development courses or workshops you’ve attended.

To list your education in the most effective way possible, consider this guide:

  1. Your education section should be adjacent to your work experience section.
  2. Start with your highest level of education first and work your way down.
  3. Include the education provider’s name, location, and completion date.
  4. If you have not yet completed your degree, mention the expected completion date.
  5. You don’t need to list your high school education if you have TAFE or university qualifications.
  6. Be sure to use consistent formatting throughout your resume.

These simple tips can help you list your education in a way that will catch the eye of potential employers.

Childcare resume skills examples

Childcare employers look for candidates with specific hard and soft skills. Hard skills are the technical skills required to do the job, while soft skills are the personal qualities and traits that make you suitable for the position.

Some of the skills you could list are:

  • Organisation: Being well-prepared helps you keep track of all the responsibilities that come with caring for children.
  • Communication: Engaging and educating younger children requires excellent communication skills.
  • Time management: Managing your time well can make sure you care for each child while also keeping up with the formal demands of your job.
  • Problem-solving: Flexible and adaptive problem-solving will ensure you provide personalised care to each child.

Employers prefer candidates who have both sets of skills. However, if you’re starting in the childcare field, you won’t have all the hard skills yet. Childcare involves a lot of on-the-job training, so you’ll quickly build them up once you get started.

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