Guardian Mt Eliza Make Rainbow Murals to Connect with Local Families

rainbow chalk mural at front of Mt Eliza childcare centre

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To surprise and delight local families, the team at Guardian Childcare & Education Mt Eliza have created a number of rainbow murals on the footpath at the front of their Centre.

“We were inspired by one of our families, who sent us pictures of their driveway covered in colour chalk drawings, and decided to create our own version on the pavement at the front of our Centre,” shares Educational Leader, Maggie.

“We then invited families to walk past as part of their exercise routines and bring their own chalk to add to the mural, so we can have a collective art piece to help us feel connected.”

Educators with rainbow chalk mural on footpath

“Sadly the rain washed the original mural away, but one of our families was quick to start a new mural, which was a wonderful surprise for the team.”

“We’ve also received a number of photos from families at home, and have printed out their creations to display in our Centre foyer.”

After noticing the community interest in placing rainbows in home windows, Maggie and the team decided to get the Centre involved with their own version, creating salt dough rainbows with the children.

Educator smiling and standing next to chalk mural on footpath

“We decided to make salt dough after considering what resources families might have on hand at home, as the recipe only requires salt and flour,” says Maggie.

“Children at the Centre made their own salt dough before shaping it into rainbows and arches using pipe cleaners, straws and wool.”

“It was lovely to see the different creations the families made at home, and how they got creative using materials from around the house.”

salt dough rainbow art made by children

Further expanding on their rainbow theme, the team has painted a rainbow on one of the Centre’s windows, along with a teddy and a copy of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

They have also been exploring the book, Rainbow Serpent, which prompted a group of children to build rainbow serpents out of Mobilio and paint rainbow serpents and lizards.

“The response to the rainbow activities has been so positive and encouraging,” shares Maggie.

bear sitting next to rainbow in window of childcare

“It’s great that we can bring a little brightness to families in our community, and direct our focus to something fun and lighthearted.”

“Despite being physically separated, our Mt Eliza families remain as connected as ever, and the children are learning a really valuable lesson in the power of community.”

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