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Children’s Apps You Can Get on Board With

Despite warnings about too much screen time for children, not all technology is bad. We’re surely not recommending hours of Assassin’s Creed, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t learn and create online.

The reality is, our children will be digital natives, born into an era where most jobs have at least some kind of digital element. Schools are changing the way they teach to make use of the incredible educational benefits of technology (think online research, interactive learning, and the ability to collaborate with children around the world). Read more

Does Bullying in Childcare Exist?

Clare Stewart from Acre Woods in Roseville is there to witness the behaviour and development of children throughout their early years. Although she sees children sometimes get rough and hurt each other, “this can be more about exploration or not being unable to appropriately express emotions, rather than bullying,” Clare says. “It’s not until they get older and learn the power of words, that aggressive behaviour can include exclusion and verbal torment.” Read more

Tips to Help Make Work Work

Posted on 18th of October 2017   Family, Parenting, Tips and Advice, work

Tips to Help Make Work Work

You had everything under control – you went out whenever you wanted, you slept for 12 hours if you were tired and you could do overtime at work without even thinking about it. Then along came your tiny human and everything changed. An overwhelming cloud of wonderful chaos has taken over and you find yourself in survival mode.

A year passes simultaneously quickly and slowly and before you know it, your leave is over and it’s time to return to work. For some, this can come as a relief; a place for you to exercise your brain doing something you love while being in your own space. While this can bring some much-needed balance to your world, it can also present some unfamiliar challenges. We’ve put together some tips to help you tackle some work woes. Read more

Celebrating Halloween With Your Little Monsters (AKA Children)

Halloween is almost upon us (we know, where did the year go?). Sure, it’s a bit American and sugar-filled, but the thing is, children absolutely love this spooky holiday. So rather than simply slapping on a Frozen costume and heading out to ask strangers for candy, we thought we’d encourage creativity of the blood-and-thunder kind.

Check out our ideas for getting crafty, dressing up, and adding a ghoulish twist to mealtime. Read more

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