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Comparing Early Learning Centres

In the first few years of life, children are learning so, so much. Providing an environment that nurtures their brains, bodies and social development can’t be underestimated.

When it comes to choosing an early learning centre, it can all feel like guesswork; not knowing what to ask, to look for, to expect and how to compare centres. Having been your child’s first teacher, you know how much they learn from who they’re around, and that’s why quality child care is critical. Read more

Raising Confident Children

Growing a happy and confident child with strong social skills and emotional wellbeing is a topic at the heart of so many of our conversations as parents. A continuing message is that fostering confidence and resilience in our children sets a foundation for successful pathways as they travel through their lives.

We all want the best possible outcomes for our children but how do we go about raising children to be confident and emotionally resilient? The messages at time seem mixed: let your child experience failure so that they learn to cope; support your child and they will tackle more challenge next time. It’s confusing, to say the least. How do we build up our children, give them emotional tools, but refrain from mollycoddling our tiny loved ones. Read more

Children’s Apps You Can Get on Board With

Despite warnings about too much screen time for children, not all technology is bad. We’re surely not recommending hours of Assassin’s Creed, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t learn and create online.

The reality is, our children will be digital natives, born into an era where most jobs have at least some kind of digital element. Schools are changing the way they teach to make use of the incredible educational benefits of technology (think online research, interactive learning, and the ability to collaborate with children around the world). Read more

Does Bullying in Childcare Exist?

Clare Stewart from Acre Woods in Roseville is there to witness the behaviour and development of children throughout their early years. Although she sees children sometimes get rough and hurt each other, “this can be more about exploration or not being unable to appropriately express emotions, rather than bullying,” Clare says. “It’s not until they get older and learn the power of words, that aggressive behaviour can include exclusion and verbal torment.” Read more

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