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Understanding and Including Children with Autism

According to Autism Spectrum Australia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in 100 Aussies, which is almost 230,000 people. What’s more, Autism affects almost four times as many boys than girls.

But the statistics don’t tell the full story about the ways and degree to which ASD children might be affected. Behaviours within the ASD diagnostic ‘net’ exist on a range. It’s an Autism spectrum and children can move on and off it as they grow and develop. Read more

5 Ways to Tackle Fussy Eaters

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef extraordinaire or an amateur who burns pasta, the common experience is that most children are finicky when it comes to food. Children can take ‘fussy’ to a whole new level – it’s not the right shape, it’s too green or too rough. To add sauce to your food sorrows, you may find they love something one day and throw it on the floor the next. Read more

Party Planning Tips for the Best Party Ever

Whether you’re in the ‘I love planning children’s parties’ camp or whether you subscribe to the more loathing leaning, there’s no easy way out of getting the nitty gritty done. When you’re elbow-deep in icing and are drowning in hundreds and thousands, it’s important to remember – it’s supposed to be fun. That’s why we’ve collected eight party planning tips to see you through. Read more

5 Useful Books for Raising Toddlers

There’s a lot of value in reading through the different methods for wrangling raising toddlers. These perspectives can validate our own struggles, help us feel less isolated, and make it seem like we’re proactively seeking answers on days when all our toddlers do is melt down over sandwiches cut the wrong way. Read more

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