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Online learning brought to life through fun activities and experiences carefully developed and curated by Guardian Teachers and Educators. It’s a place where children and families can learn together, stay connected, and celebrate the wonder of learning.

Guardian Childcare and Education

Put on a Show: Shadow Puppet Theatre

Retelling stories encourages children to use their imagination.

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Build a Block Family Guardian Learning Exchange

Build a Block Family Create some family photo blocks that your baby will enjoy interacting with!

Magnificent Mindfulness Activity Guardian Learning Exchange

Magnificent Mindfulness Activity Are you ready to take a journey together? One that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed...

Guardian Childcare and Education

Make Their Bed: Fun Tasks Around the House

I can do it all by myself...'

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Video: Learn to Speak the Language of Baby Guardian Learning Exchange 01:21

Video: Learn to Speak the Language of Baby Babies can clearly communicate their needs before they learn to talk. Learn to speak their language...

Storytime: ‘Good Night Mice’ Guardian Learning Exchange 6:32

Storytime: ‘Good Night Mice’ With your pyjamas on, before you jump into bed, enjoy a beautiful story read by our Guardian educator Nithya.

Guardian Childcare and Education

Build a Cubby House Castle

Create a cosy cubby or castle for a lion or a queen!...

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Wondering about Worms Guardian Learning Exchange

Wondering about Worms Encouraging natural curiosity creates a love of learning.

Guardian Childcare and Education

Explore the Joy of Bubbles!

Explore the 'Joy of Bubbles' at home with our bubbles mix recipe.

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