The Aspires Awards 2024 LIVE Stream

It’s not long now until the big day, our Inaugural Aspire Awards evening on Thursday 29 August 2024. And we’re inviting all of Guardian to join in the celebrations LIVE on the night. We’ll have a Teams Live stream of the event – you can watch from the comfort of your own home or make it event with your Centre and have a watch party.


When can we watch the live stream?

The live stream will start from 7:15pm on Thursday 29 August.  Live streaming will be in three sections using the same Teams Live Stream link (below):


  • 7.15-7.45pm (Reconciliation, Aspire Star, Aspire Mate, Innovation, Support Office)
  • 8.10-8.40pm (Student, Cook/Chef, Teacher, Educator)
  • 9.00-9.30pm (Ed Leader, ACM, CM, Team)


To access the Aspire Awards Live Stream use this link: Aspire Awards Live Stream Link


Make sure you can access the LIVE stream ahead of the night by following these steps:


How do I watch the live stream?

Step 1: You will need to ensure you have set up your Guardian Email Account. Click here and follow the instructions in the document ‘How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (App or Code). Creating your Guardian Email account enables you to access Guardian Way and Workplace; this is a great opportunity to remind your team if they have not set up their account, now’s the time!  Please ask your Centre Manager for assistance if you are having difficulties setting up your account.

I’ve set up my account, what happens now?

Step 2: Follow these instructions to access the live stream. We suggest trying to access the stream ahead of the event to troubleshoot any issues. If you access the stream ahead of the event to test, you’ll see the message “The live event hasn’t started”


What you can and can’t do as an attendee of the Aspires LIVE Stream:

You can:

  • join before the live stream or during the live stream.
  • join during the live stream, you can rewind the recording to watch the parts you have missed.
  • join the live stream on the web or through the Microsoft Teams app.
  • adjust your audio level and video quality of the live stream.
  • turn on auto generated captions for the stream.
  • join, leave, or rejoin the live stream as much as you want during the stream.​​​​​​​

You can’t:

  • join the live stream after it has ended.
  • turn on your microphone as an attendee.
  • add a chat/comment, this option is not available in Teams LIVE stream.

We hope you enjoy the LIVE stream and Aspire Awards evening!


Click here to go the the Aspires Awards Live Stream information page on Guardian Way