Guardian Point Cook South learning about Moon


Lets Zoom to the Moon Together!

A zooming to the moon sing along activity for your baby

Children and the team at Guardian Point Cook South have been deeply engaged in an ongoing investigation project that stemmed from an interest in the moon at night with all of its many colours and shapes.

Perhaps it’s the untouchableness of the moon and the stars that holds this wonder for children?

Is your child or are your children interested in the moon and stars too? What are they wondering? What are their own theories about why the moon changes colour and shape? Or is it something else do you think, that holds their fascination?

Attached is a well-loved song about zooming to the moon that can be sung with your baby on your lap or by your growing astronaut at home as he or she imagines jumping into their rocket ship and blasting off into space!

From Liz Homer, Educational Leader Guardian Explorers Upper Point Cook

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